To celebrate and embrace the magical sakura plant this cherry blossom season, Saké Restaurant & Bar venues across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane has created a Spring Cocktail Menu doing just that.

Thankfully, Saké has gracefully shared with Hunter and Bligh readers the secrets behind their limited edition In Bloom cocktail.

Featuring renowned Japanese sourced Roku Gin which elegantly encapsulates six distinctive Japanese botanicals such as the sakura flower, sakura leaf and green tea to name a few; each sip of the soft cocktail will bring out each element hidden within the delicate drink. Topped with lychee liqueur, cherry and sakura flavoured syrup; In Bloom will have drinkers envision themselves in the heart of Japan underneath one of the worlds most charismatic trees.

On top of the scrumptious ingredients, you’ll also need a coupe glass as well as two lychees and sakura perfume for garnishing.


30mL Roku Gin
10mL lychee liqueur
30mL lime juice
3 lychees
20mL sakura syrup
10mL egg white


  1. Spoon some sakura syrup into the middle of a coupe glass set aside.
  2. Muddle 3 lychees in a cocktail shaker tin. Add remaining ingredients to the tin and shake well.
  3. Double strain and serve in prepared coupe glass.
  4. Garnish with two skewered lychees and spritz with sakura perfume.

If muddling, shaking and straining isn’t your forte, Saké Restaurant & Bar will have In Bloom as well as four other cherry blossom inspired cocktails available at all of their venues until Sunday 30 September.

Date: Monday 3 – Sunday 30 September
Locations: Saké Restaurant & Bar The Rocks (NSW), Double Bay (NSW), Eagle St Pier (QLD), Flinders Lane (VIC) and Hamer Hall (VIC).
More information: Saké Restaurant & Bar and Hunter and Bligh