If you’re a champagne-obsessed, food-crazed individual with a serious weakness for mind blowing food – we’ve found the event for you.

For $120pp, get yourself a seat at NOLA’s collaboration long lunch with Taittinger. On the 15th of September the two will come together in what can only be described as ‘food harmony’.

The lunch consists of an array of NOLA’s smoked meats, seafood and mouthwatering S’mores, made from Passionfruit Marshmellow, Chocolate mousse and Campfire icecream. If the food isn’t enough, every single serve (that’s the entree, main 1, main 2, main 3 AND dessert) is paired to perfection with a glass of giggle juice, showcasing the stunning range of champagnes from Taittinger.

Each booking on the day is personally guided by NOLA’s sommelier, making for the perfect ‘at your own pace’ event. The five courses include more than eleven different dishes accompanied by some of the best champagnes on offer. We’re talking Rangers Valley Black Onyx Brisket served with 2009 Champagne Taittinger Millesime or house-made beef and pork sausage with Champagne Taittinger Prestige Rose.

Think Whipped Chicken and Maple Butter served on a doughy baguette, paired with a Rye Whiskey and Citrus cocktail; rock Oysters and Cajun Fried Shrimp, smoke Ocean Trout with Horseradish Creme Fraiche, or BBQ Pork Ribs with a bourbon glaze…

We we’re lucky enough to experience a preview of the sitting last week – and our only advice: don’t eat breakfast and prepare yourself, your mind is about to be blown.

For all bookings head to NOLA Smokehouse and Bar.