In lockdown but want to send a bundle of love? Australia, we’ve got the ultimate treat for dad this Father’s Day 2021.

When COVID-19 hit Australia’s shores, we all didn’t expect that some of our favourite things would be so hard to enjoy. Whether that be seeing loved ones, purchasing gifts for special occasions or just enjoying the guilty pleasures of life. Chocolate covered or not.

With limited and delayed delivery in mind, plus the inability to head out to the shops to browse, three Sydneysider siblings came up with the genius idea of creating a convenient gift delivery hub that sells treats. Taking isolation and 2020 by storm, Dessert Boxes is still here teasing us with their delectable goodies.

Bored of sending and receiving tiresome gifts, the Dessert Boxes team decided to disrupt the industry with fun, delicious and convenient gift deliveries. Offering exactly that, their platform allows giant cookies, brownies, doughnut bouquets and even boxed ‘bit of everything’ mixer packs available at the click of a finger.

This year, as the countdown to Father’s Day 2021 is on and most of Australia in lockdown or under tight restrictions, most of us are in fear of finding the perfect gift for our perfect dad. This is where Dessert Boxes takes the reign.

So, to ensure that quirky coloured socks are a no-go, this year we’ve found the ultimate gift for Father’s Day 2021. So good of a gift that you will most certainly take the title as the favourite child.

Perfect for those of us who can’t be with our dad’s this Father’s Day 2021; Dessert Boxes is delivering straight to the door bundles of pure joy and bliss. Insanely indulgent, each box is showered with over-the-top goodies and is guaranteed to be a gift that dad will adore (devour) and will remember forever.

Our Top 3 Delivered Father’s Day Dessert Boxes Picks:

<strong>Loaded Brownie</strong>
Image via Dessert Boxes website.

Loaded Brownie

Brownies. They’re delicious at the best of times. But now, thanks to Dessert Boxes, you can treat dad to a Loaded Brownie this Father’s Day. Delivered straight to his door, dad will be unboxing a squared, 15-centimetre by 15-centimetre square of deliciousness. Of course in true Dessert Boxes fashion it doesn’t stop there. The perfectly cooked brownie is then topped with an assortment of chocolates for dad to eat away at. Chocolate overload included.

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<strong>It's Cookie Time</strong>
Image supplied via Commission Factory.

It's Cookie Time

We can all agree that every Aussie dad’s go-to with a cup of coffee or tea is a biscuit. So, this Father’s Day 2021, why not gift him with the ultimate afternoon treat: the It’s Cookie Time. First off, this home delivered gift starts with a giant chocolate cookie. Before the cookie crumbles, it’s then covered in smooth chocolate, Tim Tams, M&M’s and then finished with a Nutella jar. It’s like a cake but giant cookie form. Hot Tip: microwave for 20 seconds before eating.

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<strong>The Big Daddy Mixer</strong>
Image via Dessert Boxes website.

The Big Daddy Mixer

They say the bigger the better – and Dessert Boxes definitely knows whats up. In this assorted box of dessert goodies your dad will find one Loaded Brownie, two baklava’s, two ooze cookies and, to finish it off, two of Dessert Boxes’ famed Brookies (it’s half brownie, half cookie). Two hands needed and definitely a mouthful, The Big Daddy Mixer is, by far, the ultimate treat to gift dad this Father’s Day 2021. Thanks us later.

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The best part about Dessert Boxes is that they have an entire range of treats to choose from, regardless of what your dad likes – so you even search for things like ‘Caramilk Brownies‘ or a ‘Hidden Stash‘. Delivering to all major cities in Australia and some regional locations, Dessert Boxes is the true meaning of delicious meets convenience.

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Feature image: Images via Dessert Boxes website, edited by Hunter and Bligh.
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