Doughnut time drops GIANT doughnuts because the only thing better than one doughnut is a giant one.

National Doughnut Day is tomorrow. And while it’s technically an American celebration, us Aussies are hijacking this one and thankfully some of our favourites are getting on board. Doughnut Time is launching a trio of limited edition GIANT doughnuts. The deep fried goodies are 4X the size of a regular doughnut and will come in three different flavours.

The Big Poppa is a giant Nutella filled doughnut with a chocolate glaze topped with crispy m&ms and mini m&ms ($24). D’oh! Nut  is a homage to Homer’s favourite flavour; strawberry glaze with rainbow sprinkles ($15). And while Chris Hemsworth might not be vegan, his brother and this doughnut are. The Chris Hemsworthy is a vegan red velvet doughnut with vegan cookies & cream frosting, crushed choc ripple biscuits and a vegan choc drizzle ($20).

All three giant doughnuts will be available in stores tomorrow until Thursday 8 June.

Big Poppa, D'oh! Nut, Chris Hemsworthy:

Big Poppa, D’oh! Nut, Chris Hemsworthy: Images: Supplied

For details on locations, click here.