Easter 2021 gets a colourful spin thanks to Cadbury’s newest DIY chocolate egg kit.

Long gone are the days when the Crunchie or Humpty Dumpty Easter eggs were the chocolate of choice. This year, Cadbury Australia has announced the sweetest addition to their Easter chocolate range.

Meet the Cadbury Dairy Milk Design Your Own Easter Egg Kit.

Deliciously irresistible and unveiled to add a pop of colour to your Easter 2021 celebrations, this newest addition to Australia’s delectable Easter chocolate range will see Australian families get their creative hats on all whilst enjoying the iconic (and legendary) taste of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate.

So what’s included? Inside each of the Cadbury Dairy Milk Design Your Own Easter Egg Kit, chocolate lovers will find:

  • One hollow Cadbury Dairy Milk Easter egg
  • A tube of edible icing
  • Rainbow coloured 100s and 1000s

Perfect for the whole family to enjoy, the Cadbury Dairy Milk Design Your Own Easter Egg Kit will see Aussies creating edible masterpieces this Easter 2021. Think chocolate Easter eggs coming to life with colourful explosions of spotted goodness, Easter bunny imprinted designs and, of course, the one person who will attempt to cover the entire Cadbury chocolate egg with 100s and 1000s – because there will always be one.

The Cadbury Dairy Milk Design Your Own Easter Egg Kit is available now online or on shelves at Coles Australia-wide.

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