Ethical and ultimately indulgent! Feel good with our list of the best gluten free and vegan chocolate Easter eggs!

There is no better feeling than cracking into a box of chocolate eggs on Easter. With the crinkling foil, egg hunts and, for some, the many Easter treats that seem to last for no longer than a week before someone gobbles it down – it truly is the most delicious time of the year!

Better yet, we can all agree that chocolate tastes better in the shape of an egg! Whether you’re looking for something more diet conscious or environmentally friendly, surprisingly there are some delicious Australian made gluten-, dairy-free and vegan chocolate brands out there to enjoy.

So, turn your usual drab into something indulgent with our list of the best Australian made gluten free and vegan chocolate Easter eggs for 2023!

<strong>Koko Black</strong>
Image via Koko Black website.

Koko Black

An Aussie favourite and for a good reason! Koko Black is an ethical Australian made chocolate brand that’s perfect for Easter 2023. Established in 2003, Koko Black are experts when it comes to creating hand-crafted, decadent Belgium couverture chocolate for Aussies to enjoy. Guilt free, Koko Black’s range includes a selection of dairy free, gluten free and vegan chocolate Easter eggs in Australia – all with no added preservatives! We recommend trying their delicious Caramelised Coconut Dark Chocolate Vegan Easter Egg, or maybe even a Dark Chocolate Vegan Bunny for the little one in your life.

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<strong>Loving Earth</strong>
Image via Loving Earth website.

Loving Earth

For all your ethically sourced and produced chocolate you simply cannot look past Melbourne-based company Loving Earth this Easter! Founded in 2007 by Scott Fry and Martha Butler, Loving Earth is dedicated to creating chocolate treats which are not only good for you, but the planet too! This ethical Australian chocolate brand is proud to sell dairy-, soy- and gluten free Easter eggs. Free from cane sugar, Loving Earth uses organic, plant-based ingredients that is then housed in compostable packing. Plus, purchases also support the Great Forest National Park Campaign. Score!

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<strong>Organic Times</strong>
Image via Organic Times website.

Organic Times

With over 20 years in the organic chocolate business, Organic Times knows a thing or two about creating one of the best vegan Easter chocolate! Founded in Melbourne in 1999, Organic Times dreamt of making a more natural and organic alternative for the confectionery market, and so they did! Now, as an organically certified company, Organic Times continues to make products which are high quality, free from palm oil, fair-traded, sustainably packaged and vegan where they can be. This Easter 2023 why not spoil the family with Organic Times’ luxurious Vegan Easter Hamper! Complete with an Easter bunny, two chocolate Easter eggs, choc drops and jellies to snack on – your family will be singing your praises.

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<strong>Pana Organic</strong>
Image via Pana Organic website.

Pana Organic

Renowned for their delicious handmade products, Pana Organic is one Australian made chocolate brand you need to add to your shopping list this Easter 2023. Founded in Melbourne by Pana Barbounis, they are praised for their ethically sourced ingredients from around the globe and their plant-based, dairy- and gluten-free Easter eggs. As their business has grown, so too has their range which now includes chocolate spread, dessert sticks and more. For Easter, why not gift their Peanut Caramel that’s plant-based, gluten free and delicious!

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Feature image: Photographed by Africa Studio. Image via Shutterstock.
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This article was first published on March 22 2021. It was updated and edited by Hunter and Bligh on March 17 2023.