Welcome to Light, your one-stop destination in Adelaide’s CBD where all your entertainment, food and drink needs are met!

There is always the same old debate about whether new is better than old. Well, how about both?

Opening earlier this year, Light has transformed one of the oldest buildings in Light Square Adelaide into the newest immersive space where you can experience fine-dining, relaxed beer garden vibes, tasty drinks and 50 square metres of LED screens that take entertainment to a whole new level.

Designed to light-up your life, as a non-for-profit organisation, Light strives to be an accessible space that oozes with innovation and creative expression for all things entertainment, arts, hospitality and technology. It can’t get any better than that!

Firstly, if you love world-class dining and taking your tastebuds on an adventure, Light’s restaurant Aurora is the one for you. Led by innovative chef Brendan Wessels, here he has curated a la carte and tasting menu using top quality, locally sourced ingredients. You can expect small plates with big flavour that have influences from Korean and Japanese cuisine mixed with a South African twist, where the head chef hails from. The array of mouth-watering chargrilled vegetables and proteins is nothing short of culinary excellence. Want to check out the menu? Explore what Aurora has to offer here..

Located adjacent to Aurora you will find Beags –  the perfect place to replenish your thirst. The outdoor dining area and bar is fitted with booths, DJ decks, and light projections on the building’s walls. Beags is the perfect spot to wind down after a long day at work with doors open from 4pm until late. So, whether you are craving a classy cocktail, a boogie to some groovy tunes, or just a place to kick back, this space is where you come to do all of the above. Sounds like fun? Here is more info about Beags.

Finally, to finish off your experience at Light, if you find yourself thinking, “what would wrap up this night perfectly?”. The answer is to catch a show at the Lab. Accessible through a door in Beags you will find the multi-functional and multi-genre immersive performance space that completely elevates arts and culture into a whole new experience.

The Lab is fitted with 50-square-metres of LED screens designed to ensure artists present their work to their full ability showcasing events from DJs, bands, dance, theatre performances and many more. The Lab effectively transforms every creative experience it displays. You will find yourself immersed in light and sound, covered in goosebumps with all your senses heightened. Want to see what’s coming up at the Lab? Head here to find out.

Overall, if you’re ready to light-up your night, then head on over to Adelaide’s newest hot spot – a must visit for any night-life enthusiast.

63 Light Square, Adelaide, SA 5000

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Feature image: Photographed by Jack Fenby. Image supplied by Light.