I Maccheroni
3 Jersey Rd, Woollahra, NSW
Monday to Friday 5:30pm – 9:30pm
Saturday 11am – 9:30pm
(02) 9327 1416

Parked in a cosy nook just off Oxford Street, I Maccheroni is one of Sydney’s most unique Italian experiences.

Authenticity – that’s the word that reigns supreme in this little Italian joint.

Tucked behind a boisterous pub and blending in with the quaint suburban residences on the other side, you’d be forgiven if you walked right by I Maccheroni without even realising what lay within. But, if you’re one of the lucky few to get a table on any given night, I can promise, you’ll be set for a wonderful evening.

From the lighting to the décor and even to the old Italian man at the table next to me with a woman half his age telling me I ‘simply must try the Cacio e Pepe’, every element of this culinary experience felt perfectly tailored to provide as authentic an affair as was possible.

Head chef Marcello Farioli has crafted the ideal menu to match the aesthetic of the restaurant, using sustainable local produce to introduce authentic Italian cuisine to the Sydney culinary scene, and it really does well to complete the vibe of the restaurant and coax the diner into the genuine, if even fleeting, belief that they’re dining in an eatery off the streets of Roma.

After settling in, acclimatising to the unique atmosphere and enjoying a few (perhaps one too many) glasses of red, we were ready to get started. Opting for the Mushroom Arancini with Paprika Aioli ($14), was the delightful way to kickstart our palates down this culinary journey. Perfectly balanced between dense and gooey, and packed with plenty of flavour, they had us eager with anticipation for the main courses yet to come.

I Maccheroni, Mushroom Arancini Image Supplied.

I Maccheroni, Mushroom Arancini Image Supplied.

Between dishes, the service and conversation were top standard, the charming venue was small but comfortable, with guests all around happy to tell us their stories and let us share in their experience. A truly unique restaurant atmosphere, it was pleasantly refreshing to have this almost communal, yet still distinctly private, dining experience.

Before we knew it, our mains had been served. My guest had the lasagne, a special on the board. And, heeding the Italian man’s advice, I felt I was obliged to try the Cacio e Pepe (served in the cheese wheel). The main meals certainly didn’t disappoint. The lasagne was decadently rich and absolutely divine with each layer perfectly executed and balanced – just like nonna’s.

But, I feel like I have to take a moment to give a separate shoutout to the Cacio e Pepe. As a cheese-enthusiast (borderline obsessive), when I heard the dish was served in the wheel I practically began salivating on the spot. As the chef himself brought out the wheel and proceeded to spin my spaghetti in the melted cheese, I could barely contain myself. The dish lived up to all expectations and so much more. The highlight of my day, nay, month; I can’t help but feel that this dish could become a Sydney staple, and flocking visitors from far and wide to this cosy Italian restaurant.

I Maccheroni, Lasagne with broccolini. Image supplied

All in all, I Maccheroni is a newcomer to the Sydney scene and offers a unique experience through its authenticity and charm. A great dining experience that’ll never disappoint.

I can’t recommend it enough.

Feature image: I Maccheroni. Image supplied