Your favourite childhood flavours are returning in gelato form!

Gelatissimo is kicking it old school this summer with their new Aussie Family Favourites range. Made up of three new yet very familiar flavours, this limited edition range includes a take on the classic Weet-Bix™ breakfast; childhood birthday party staple the chocolate crackle; and of course, Australia’s national treasure, fairy bread.

Licking things off with the most important meal of the day, Gelatissimo has partnered with Australia’s number one breakfast cereal to create Weet-Bix™ with Honey and Banana. Made with banana gelato, real Weet-Bix™ chunks and a drizzle of Australian wildflower honey, this creamy gelato serves up a fun twist on an Aussie breakfast staple. How many scoops do you do?

Stepping away from the breakfast bar and over to your best friend’s eighth birthday party, the Choc Crackle flavour is a rich chocolate gelato with authentic chocolate crackle clusters. These clusters are made true to form with chocolate puffs, cocoa powder and desiccated coconut –  all generously drizzled with a rich chocolate sauce. It’s the ultimate way to reminisce about those youthful days.

From one party favourite to the next, no Aussie Family Favourites range would be complete without the beloved and iconic Fairy Bread. As important to a child’s birthday party as balloons and a biased game of pass-the-parcel, Gelatissimo’s Fairy Bread flavour is a buttery vanilla gelato made with real butter, 100s and 1000s and crunchy pieces of lightly toasted fairy bread (made with classic white bread of course).

“There’s nothing better than a quintessential Australian summer, cooling down from the heat with a scoop of gelato,” says Gelatissimo CEO Filipe Barbosa. “So coming into December, we wanted to create a range that was just that – undeniably Aussie.”

“We celebrate our own 17th birthday on the 1st of December so these nostalgic birthday party flavours are as much for our benefit as anyone else’s. Not to mention they taste far better than a party pie gelato.”

The Aussie Family Favourites range will be available in all 47 stores across Australia from Friday 29 November through to the end of January, while stocks last. Visit Gelatissimo for more information.