Friends with benefits? More like Gelato with Benefits – the only relationship we’re committing to this year.

At the beginning of every year most Australians attempt to commit to a more healthy and wellness enriched lifestyle. Admittedly, for most of us, this new year resolution doesn’t survive long after February rolls in.

Thankfully, the gelato gods over at Gelatissimo are here to unveil their newest collection that allows Aussies to celebrate their favourite sweet treat all whilst feeding their 2021 health goals. Meet Gelato with Benefits – a trio of new gelato flavours that boast some truly beneficial ingredients.

To be enjoyed by health and wellbeing enthusiasts alike, Gelato with Benefits by Gelatissimo sees flavours such as açaí, kombucha and even protein powder being mixed into that creamy and seamlessly delicious scoop (or tub) that Gelatissimo is renowned for.

First out of the trio is Açaí Bowl, a Brazilian-made açaí berry gelato made from Australian supplied Amazon Power Açaí. It’s topped with berries and Carman’s golden granola which includes a blend of oats, nuts, puffed rice and pepitas. The Açaí Bowl will also have gelato lovers licking their way through an infusion of honey, cinnamon and vanilla. The star of the show, açaí, is regarded as a superfood and has more than five times the antioxidant properties of blueberries.

Next, for gym junkies, the Choc Coconut Protein will have you shredding to grab a scoop or two of Gelatissimo’s newest gelato. Made with Blessed Protein Powder, the Choc Coconut Protein is a creamy, vegan-friendly blend of deliciousness. Gaining more than just the title of your newfound favourite flavour, Choc Coconut Protein excites plant-based lickers thanks to their non-dairy base of coconut and soy milk. This all-natural, gluten-free pea protein gelato is also produced with 100% sustainable raw ingredients. The perfect post workout treat and our favourite flavour out of the bunch.

Finally, served up as a palate cleanser or as a balmy summer afternoon pick-me-up, Ginger & Lemon Kombucha will have you feeling refreshed and equally invigorated after the very first lick. An infusion of ginger and lemon tea gelato made with Rok Kombucha – handmade and batch-brewed locally in Margaret River – Ginger & Lemon Kombucha will see the cold-pressed infusion blend with organic white and green tea. Topped with a ginger swirl and real ginger pieces, you’ll be feeling at the top of your game with a scoop of this gelato.

All-in-all, Gelatissimo’s Açaí Bowl, Choc Coconut Protein and Ginger & Lemon Kombucha makes for perfect balance and blend of indulgence meets health and wellness. Proving that some relationships are worth committing to, Gelato with Benefits will have you waiting up all night until you get your scoop fix.

Gelatissimo Gelato with Benefits

Where: 43 locations around Australia
For more information: Gelatissimo’s website

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Editor’s Note: Hunter and Bligh was gifted by Gelatissimo. All reviews are authentic and are in no way influenced by our partnership.