Let’s be honest: International Chocolate Day would be naked, butt-naked, without Max Brenner.

This Saturday Max Brenner is celebrating by inviting chocoholics across the country to discover their new winter sensations and enjoy a complimentary* Classic Hot Chocolate to warm up those frozen fingers!

The Bald Man is bringing back his sensational Baked Hot Chocolates. These popular chocolate-oozing delights have been brought back to life after two years of hibernation, and oh boy, will they surprise you. Not only have the Baked Hot Chocolates returned, this winter, you can build your own Baked Hot Chocolate: from the decadent chocolate centre, to the pure chocolate layer, to the ‘pile-high’ toppings; every guest will be able to build their own unique creation.

Max introduces three sensational options to satisfy all chocoholic’s needs: the Classic Munchies, the Pretentious Caramel and the Vegan Nutter. Toppings vary from fresh fruits, to whipped cream, to ice cream in a crunchy chocolate shell. For the full-caked experience the Bald Man created an Instagram-worthy tasting platter featuring all three sensational choices and a variety of sides to maximise your choc adventure.
The Baked Hot Chocolates will also be available on Uber Eats and Deliveroo in participating stores, allowing you to freshly bake and customise your creations at home.

Max Brenner General Manager, Yael Kaminski says, “Our Baked Hot Chocolates were one of our all time most popular seasonal items, and I am delighted to finally announce their return. Perfect for the colder weather, this half cake, half hot chocolate hits the spot every time.”

So do yourself a favour, head down to your nearest Max Brenner store and treat yourself to at least one of everything on the menu. Sugar is really good for you, we swear.

*Receive one free Classic Hot Chocolate with every Baked Hot Chocolate purchase