The clever chefs at Fratelli Fresh have welcomed spring with a refreshing menu. It’s ready when you are.

Spring produce invigorates the updated Fratelli Fresh menu, splashed with a light vinaigrette and sprinkled with fresh herbs. The new additions to the Fratelli Fresh menu are seasonal offerings worthy of accompanying existing signature dishes.

For entrée, sink your taste buds into some antipasti of burrata scattered with purple baby beets, strawberries and balsamic. The loose burrata gets easily teased with a fork as it mixes and stretches out amongst the fresh baby beets and sliced strawberries.

Or perhaps you’re a fish lover with the desire to avoid any growth around the waist? Then try their tuna tartare with shaved cucumber, rye croutons and avocado mousse. Simply pretend the shaved and boiled cucumber is spaghetti and you’ve got a dish that’s delightfully deceptive.

As any Fratelli Fresh regular will tell you, the signature cuisine for mains is pizza and pasta. Squisito! Try the spring garden pizza that really takes into account seasonal vegetables. It has a white base of oozy goats cheese and fior di latte, and includes a well-placed bed of baby carrots, asparagus, cherry tomatoes and herbs. Or for pasta, slurp up some housemade gnocchi, with nduja and stracciatella melted through the tomato and basil sauce. It’s spicy enough to please spice-lovers, while not overpowering the other beautiful tastes.

Any celiacs in the house? Try their zoodles (aka zucchini noodles) that are making a Fratelli Fresh debut. Most pastas on the menu can be substituted with zoodles for an extra $2. Our recommendation is the zoodles with pork and fennel sausage, broccolini, garlic and chilli.

Perhaps pizza and pasta aren’t really on your stomach’s agenda, and so why not whet it with a spring lamb rump, cooked to medium rare, featuring smoked eggplant puree and green beans. It’s a tantalising combination that brings the fresh and blunt flavours of lamb rump and mixes it with the herbed and spiced eggplant puree among green beans that are cooked enough to still retain some bite.

Lamb also features in a salad alongside a generous mix of baby spinach, farro, baby cos, radicchio, chickpeas, pomegranate and pecorino, while a raw spring vegetable salad bursts with shaved fennel, radish and beetroot, sliced asparagus and snow peas, and a splash of fresh herbs.

No matter what combination of dishes you have, dessert will always be waiting patiently at the end. We have two recommendations: the Banoffee Pie, with caramel, sliced banana, whipped cream and chocolate, or the Milk C. Mousse, with layered chocolate, passionfruit fudge, topped in a chocolate glaze.

As Fratelli Fresh head chef, Gabor Denes says: “Our new spring dishes bear Fratelli’s signature stamp of simplicity, generosity, and healthy options. They showcase spring in all its glory: a bounty of crisp colourful produce and fresh flavours.”

Check out Fratelli Fresh’s updated spring menu on their website. The new options are available at all their restaurants: Alexandria, Bridge Street, Crows Nest, Darling Harbour, Entertainment Quarter, Macquarie Street, Walsh Bay and Westfield Sydney.