It is no secret that here at Hunter and Bligh we enjoy a tipple or two, for what greater pleasure is there in life than a little indulgence? One thing is for sure – if you’re someone who is serious and knowledgeable about your poison, the ease of which you enjoy your drink is high on the list of importance.

Our friends at Corkcicle are not only here to ensure this, but have made a business that revolves around both drinking and luxury. Back in 2010, Corkcicle discovered something missing on the market – a useful way to chill wine, without the mess and hassle of a wine bucket. Nine years later, they have not only solved this dilemma but have designed funky, trendy and useful bar tools that everyone can get excited about. And, for the tipplers amongst us, we’ve highlighted the top five barware must-haves.

Corkcicle Air 

The Corkcicle Air is the all-in-one solution for perfect wine every time. The Corkcicle Air will chill your wine to the ideal temperature after storing in the freezer 90 minutes prior to use. The top has a pour-through feature that enables wine to be served elegantly. Corkcicle Air aerates your wine as you pour, introducing just the right amount of oxygen for your wine’s subtle flavours to really peak. Not only is it significantly faster than traditional decanting methods, it enables you to enjoy your wine leisurely.

Corkcicle Air – $36.75

Whisky Wedge

The Whiskey Wedge is Corkcicles artful way to perfectly chill your favorite spirits and enjoy smooth sipping. During freezing, the ice forms a wedge shape on one side of the glass. When you pour a drink, the wedge melts slowly to help retain the drink’s full flavour. Not only does this ingenious design look amazing, but it makes your tasting experience all the better.

Whisky Wedge – $34.95


The Corkcicle Aerator-Pourer was designed to elevate the natural bouquets and aromas of wine without decanting. The aerator-pourer instantly aerates your wine and provides pouring assistance that prohibits dripping. It’s perfect for both reds and whites, and allows you to savour every delicate flavour of your favourite bottle

Aerator-Pourer – $19.10

Classic Artican 

Behold the last can cooler you will ever need. Arctican keeps cans cold for up to 3 hours, and all that needs to be done is freeze the cooling core base, that twists on and off, and drop in a cold beverage. The clever design keeps your hand from getting cold while the aesthetic is trendy and unique.

Classic Artican – $29.50

Cigar Glass

What Corkcicle calls ‘a smoke of genius,’ the part rocks glass, part cigar rest, enables you to hold your drink and cigar in the same hand at the same time, without all the awkward finger fumbling. The Cigar Glass makes it easy to sip and puff leisurely while looking the part.

 Cigar Glass – $36.75