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It’s summer, which means we all want to be beach ready. Except, we’ve just realised that we should have started our fitness and health kick start about 3 months ago…

But don’t fret, we’ve finally come across something that can help give you the push to get on the right track. I’m not saying this is going to get you shredded and insta ready in a flash, but its a great way to get you eating right and feeling good.

When I first started, I was a little sceptical. How good could pre-made meals be? Are they really that fresh?

The best way to find out- try it.
So I started on my summer body journey with the 5 Day Cleanse.
5 Days of prepared breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners.

And here’s how it really went.

I woke up 6am, opened the door and found that a perfectly packed box was sitting at the door.

I brought it inside, removed the icepacks and found 6 labeled boxes, 2 juice bottles, and snack bars.
This little routine continued every 2 days, satisfying my hunger, health journey and satisfying my desire for opening gift like boxes.

Each day was diverse, fresh and beautifully presented. With so many dishes inhaled I can’t possibly  review them all. I instead have broken it down it by meal type, what really worked and what may have missed the mark.

Eat Fit Food Package


Free range omelette with smoked salmon, chives & gluten free toast
Apple strudel loaf, 5 seed crumble & coconut yoghurt
Free range scrambled eggs with roasted mushrooms, parsley & gluten free toast

I thought it was pretty impossible to have pre made eggs stay tasty. I just didn’t see a way around it, especially if you were going to reheat them. The Eat Fit team somehow resolved this issue. The eggs were moist, fluffy and incredibly light. Although there was no creamy or butteriness to them (obviously as its a cleanse programme) they were surprisingly bloody good.

The gluten free bread, ACTUALLY STAYED TOGETHER. It didn’t crumble like others and actually tasted great.

Another little stand out – their coconut yoghurt. Airy but creamy, smooth and not sweet its perfectly paired with their loaves and fruit.

Apple strudel loaf, 5 seed crumble & coconut yoghurt


Argentinian bowl with quinoa, fried egg & chimichurri
Soft herb ocean trout with cavolo nero, steamed buckwheat & lemon thyme aioli
Seasame crusted chicken soba noodle bowl with teriyaki sauce
Lemon salmon with green pea mash, roast tomatoes & broccoli

These guys know seafood.
The ocean trout and lemon salmon were simply amazing. They melted in your mouth and were generously accompanied with greenery.

The Argentinian bowl- another stand out. Again the fried egg maintain a thick and gooey yolk, wasn’t chewy and worked so well with the crunch of the salad. It’s a dish you didn’t have to go digging for the goodies, there were plenty of beans and nuts. The highlight was the green kimchi salsa- a perfect pot poured over your dish to bring the whole thing together.

Soft herb ocean trout with cavolo nero, steamed buckwheat & lemon thyme aioli


White Miso eggplant dip with homemade sesame & psyllium crackers
Fruit salad with coconut yoghurt
Eat Fit Food Recharge Bar

The miso eggplant dip looked like beige baby food. But my god it was UNREAL.
It was refreshing, creamy but light and wasn’t overpowering in its eggplant-ness. And paired with the textured, sesame thin crackers it was the perfect little combination. The only issue was that I could have eaten kilos of it.

Fruit salads that we actually fresh, not soggy and not rammed with orange and apple. They had a generous serve of mangoes, strawberries and melon.


All of them.
Rejuvenate: Apple, cucumber, celery, lemon, watercress, beetroot & ginger
Revive: Apple, mint, lemon, kiwifruit, spinach and kale
Revitalise: Orange, carrot pineapple, turmeric, parsley, celery and lemon

I felt healthier just smelling them. Jam packed with flavour, and balanced perfectly these were the best way to start the morning.

Eat Fit Food Juice Variety. Image via:

What I could have lived without

No one can get it right all the time.
But I do have to say I was quite impressed, everything tasted really great, which was something I didn’t think was possible especially as it wasn’t cooked using my favourite guilty fats,  sugars and creamy diary.

But there were two dishes I had issues with.
1. The hummus & veggies pack- I’m half Lebanese. You just can’t mess with hummus. Leave it be.
2. Spaghetti pomodoro with vegan ‘tuna’- The other half of me is Italian. It’s not their fault but you can’t mess with this one also.

The Verdict

I’ve got to give it to the Eat Fit Food company. They know what they’re doing.
Delivery was early, and super quiet, boxes packed beautifully, food was fresh and tasty and ultimately it made me feel better knowing that I was eating healthy meals that had been developed by nutritionists, dieticians and chefs. All meals are clearly labelled with ingredients and their percentages, making it impossible to mask any nasties inside. Which there definitely weren’t.

The Eat Fit Food packages don’t come cheap, and to many Aussies out there it would seem a little steep.
However, after experiencing the week long cleanse I’ve come to a realisation. Unless you have time, or are the most organised human in the world, it can be extremely difficult to prep your meals, work out new recipes and balance a well nutritious diet daily. This is your one stop shop to solving that problem and ultimately the investment is worth it.

Another attractive element  is the fact that there’s no lock in. You can partake in the Eat Fit Food programme as often or sporadically as you’d like!
There are 3 day resets, 5 day cleanses to 28 day challenges, making it as flexible as you’d like.

After completing the cleanse we reached out to the Eat Fit Food team and they’ve offered Hunter and Bligh Readers an exclusive offer of 20% off a 5 Day Cleanse or 5 Day Cleanse or 5 Day Clean + Lean program (HB20 CODE)

So why not give it a go?
Start your new year’s resolution early or prep your body for the Christmas feast you’re about to have.