China Diner Double Bay
16 Kiaora Lane, Double Bay, NSW 2028

 (02) 9326 1900
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The new summer offering available at China Diner Double Bay, certainly goes hand in hand with the sunny strip it calls home; light, joyous and a colourful artwork all in one.  Every part of the meal was well thought out and flavoursome, yet relaxed and effortless. A frustratingly wonderful experience to sit down to and wonder; how did they do it?

But before you can even ponder you must start with the perfect beverage. It’s your mouth’s warm up for the awe inspiring food journey ahead, and you simply can not go past the Yuzu Spritz: Aperol, Yuzu, Ruby Grapefruit and Prosecco. The tangy, light and refreshing cocktail is balanced perfectly with the citrus and bubbles.

Yuzu Spritz : Image Supplied

If you want to skip the warm up (it’s always encouraged that you don’t) and want to start on the tantalising feast, you must start with the dumplings.  But want some even better news? China Diner have made a healthy and vegan dumpling. And the best part, it tastes bloody good. The Heavenly 8 Green Jade Dumplings ($16) are jam packed with 8 green veggies and no guilty bits. I know it’s a grave sin, but pop a little soy sauce on it and its moorish! The other classic standouts include the Chicken & Corn Shu Mai ($16) and the Prawn & Water Chestnut Dumplings ($18). If you can’t decide, grab the Mixed Steamed Dumpling Basket ($23) and everyone’s a winner.

Sashimi and Mixed Steamed Dumplings: Image Supplied

I hadn’t expected to find my most favourite dish of the day so quickly, but the Five Spice Duck Pancakes w/Hoisin, Shallot & Cucumber ($28) were unreal. I’m talking about a beautiful large seared piece of duck, with crunchy cucumber and perfect shavings of shallot, with thankfully, a great lashing of hoisin sauce that won’t leave you scraping the edges like you do everywhere else. The Pancakes were pale and light and finally a decent size to encase the stunning ingredients. Hand to my heart, honestly one of the best duck pancakes i’ve ever had.

Five Spice Duck Pancakes w Hoisin, Shallot and Cucumber: Image Supplied

Then, the staples.

I can’t eat chinese without fried rice. I just can’t. It would be unnatural. And China Diner’s didn’t disappoint. A simple Prawn and Egg mix topped with shallot ($16) was the perfect accompaniment to the Crispy Twice Cooked Chicken w/ Chilli Oil, Aromatic Soy, Coriander & Garlic ($32). Our chicken was golden, in some parts maybe it was cooked more than twice, but all was forgiven for the delicious lake it was swimming in. The perfect part, there was enough of the liquid gold to splash on the rice making my tastebuds sing.

Crispy Twice Cooked Chicken w Chilli oil, Aromatic Soy, Coriander & Garlic + Fried Rice w Prawn & Egg: Image Supplied.

A surprising twist was that I remembered the salad. Not usually something I do at a chinese restaurant, let alone anywhere really, but I was shocked by how much I enjoyed the Mixed Asian Salad Ginger Umeboshi Dressing with Chicken. This little number can be ordered with your choice of smoked tofu, chicken or smoked king salmon. A light, refreshing and flavoursome side which could easily take centre stage as the perfect weekday lunch.

Mixed Asian Salad Ginger Umeboshi Dressing w/ Choice of Protein: Image Supplied.

Before we start on dessert, I have to bring up the cocktails.

I don’t think i’m a dramatic person, but it was possibly the best cocktail i’ve ever had.
I had 3 of them.

I’m talking about the Lemongrass & Coconut Sour w/ Lemongrass infused Wyborowa Vodka, Citrus & Coconut Foam ($18).
It’s practically a lemon meringue pie, topped with thick and fluffy coconut foam plus vodka. YOU CAN NOT FAULT IT.
The perfect balance of sweet and sour.

The restraint I showed from not digging into the foam with a spoon was remarkable.
This is an absolute MUST when you go.

Lemongrass & Coconut Sour: Image via Rebecca Cherote

Ok, now dessert.

I was lucky enough to indulge in two: the Coconut & Vanilla Sago w/Spiced Cherries ($12) and the Black Sticky Rice w/ Banana Caramel & Salted Peanut Praline ($12). Hands down, The Black Sticky Rice won for me. Again the balance was on point. The sticky rice, soft and warm, topped with chewy caramelised banana and a sprinkling of crunchy salty praline was the ultimate end to a delicious lunch.

Coconut & Vanilla Sago + Black Sticky Rice: Image Supplied

Hang on, there’s more.

For those who are in a hurry, at work or want a delicious lunch compacted into a mini express banquet you’ll be excited to hear about the awesome China Lunch Banquet we found for only $29.00.

2 Dumplings
The Mixed Asian Salad Ginger Umeboshi Dressing w/ your choice of Smoked Tofu, Chicken or Smoked King Salmon
+ a Glass of Wine or Kirin

It’s almost too good to be true. Except it is. All for $29.00

All up, head on down to China Diner Double Bay, don’t eat a big breakfast, and certainly don’t drive- the cocktails are too good to miss.