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Burger Project + Darrell Lea… Need I say more?

Burger Project is boosting its menu with bolder flavours, bigger options, and better sweet stuff for all.  Over the past few weeks, thanks to Neil Perry, Burger Project stores around Australia have rolled out new menu items.. Amongst the new items are: new burger ‘extras,’ southern-fried chicken burgers, and an exclusive Darrell Lea confectionary-spiked desserts range.


We here at Hunter and Bligh were fortunate enough to be invited to try out the new menu – so how did it stack up?

The Chicken Burgers

One of the more exciting aspects of the new menu is the fresh and tasty range of new chicken burgers hitting the grills. Rockpool Dining Group Culinary Director Neil Perry said he was inspired to add a southern-fried chicken burger to the menu following a recent trip to the United States.

“I wanted to shake up our chicken burger offering and add something simple without compromising flavour, and a southern-fried chicken burger like those found in the States ticked all those boxes,” Neil said.

The chicken burger ($12.90), featuring a simple but stunning combination of  southern-fried, free-range, Lilydale chicken breast with aioli and pickles is now available in Burger Project restaurants across Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney (diners can also trick it up with tomato, lettuce and cheese for a Chicken Deluxe ($14.90) version).

When we got our hands on one of these new creations, we were far from disappointed. Fried chicken burgers are tricky to pull off – the batter can go soggy, the chicken can be dry, and the whole burger can often be an effort to finish – this was not the case here.

The chicken was perfectly cooked, the batter crunchy, and the burger was overall, simply delicious. The only thing that makes this fast food is the speed, everything else felt (and tasted) like fine dining.

The Extras

For those of you looking to add a little pizzazz to your burgers, all burgers, (including those famous Cape Grim beef patties) can now be bolstered with a range of big-hitting ‘extras’, including triple-smoked bacon, house-made salted red chilli and house-pickled jalapenos.

Diners can also double-up, triple-deck, or turbocharge their burgers further with extra patties, confit mushrooms and southern-fried chicken breasts. All available in a combo with chips and a drink, of course.

Naturally. we decided to experiment and boosted our burgers with the Bacon and Chilli. You can customise to your hearts content, and make that perfect Burger Project Burger just a little more perfect.

The Dessert

Now for the dessert. Oh boy, the dessert.

Burger Project has teamed up with Australian confectionary staple Darrell Lea to bring a selection of exclusive desserts to the menu: house-churned soft serve is smashed, mashed and deliciously spiked with a range of goodies, including Darrell Lea chocolate treats, creating six, sensational “Smash Ups” ($5 each).

Exclusive to Burger Project, these smashing desserts include Liquorice & Chocolate, Coconut Caramel and Choc Orange to name a few.

Neil says ‘the Darrell Lea partnership was the perfect collaboration of two, like-minded, Australian businesses that have sustainability, and deliciousness, front of mind.’

So, were these new “Smash-ups” a smash hit for Hunter and Bligh?

Overwhelmingly so.

The ice-cream/Darrell Lea fusion is the perfect way to wrap up a great meal at any Burger Project. The sweetness isn’t overpowering, and the flavour combinations they’ve concocted are refreshingly delicious. Make sure to get to your closest Burger Project soon to try out the new menu!

We promise you will not be disappointed.