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Not Italian? Don’t worry, neither is Jamie Oliver, but he’s come through with the smorgasbord that is an Italian Christmas feast.

And he hasn’t put only one feast option together, he’s created three.

We went straight to the last one. It has a choice of 4 starters, 5 mains (with sides) and 4 desserts ($70pp). Clearly he’s done his research on what it’s like having a Nonna at Christmas time.

So let’s Start.

We were treated to a Retro Prawn Cocktail, Beef Carpaccio, Pea & Mint Arancini and Free-Range Chicken-Liver Pate. There were 2 clear winners- The Beef Carpaccio and the Pate. Let us tell you why.

Beef Carpaccio: Image Supplied

The delicate slices of fresh beef fillet melt in your mouth. But then you’re hit with a fiery mustard dressing w/summer leaves, chestnuts and roasted squash. It’s a total performance of flavours that keep you asking for an encore.

The Free Range Chicken Liver Pate was incredibly light, fresh and silky, but still jam packed with flavour. The only issue was we ran out of our pate shovels: bread. As soon as we asked another shipment was sent to the table and we were happily back at work devouring the dish.

Next up: The big gun.

The pick of the evening was the Herby Roast Chicken. We all know nothing beats a roast, and when done this well, we know why.
The free-range baby chicken is roasted to perfection, glistening its golden skin whilst perched on the creamiest, comforting pile of mash and splashed with gravy. The only miss were the pigs in blankets. They were tasty, but not amazing. Definitely the back up singer in the main meal show.

Herby Roast Chicken: Image Supplied

The Final Show

Then came the moorish desserts.

Dessert Dishes: Image Supplied

Lucky for us we had four deadly and delicious desserts to demolish.
The Wobbly Grappa Panna Cotta, Tiramisu, Zuccotto Di Panettone and Festive Dark Chocolate Tart.

The shining star was the Tiramisu. A thick and soft coffee-soaked sponge, with a generous double layer of mascarpone and chocolate, topped with the citrusy goodness of orange, made the final performance one to remember. Don’t share this one with anyone. It’s just too good.

Tiramisu: Image Supplied

And then of course, what would be an Italian feast be without the classic shot of limoncello to cleanse the pallet?
A lovely detail Jamie has also not missed.

If you’re in search for a comforting, filling and nostalgic Italian meal, we suggest you head to Jamie’s Italian this festive season.