Sydney, if you’ve got a few pennies lying around, treat yourself to a savoury hot cross bun instead this Easter.

If you predict that your Easter long weekend will be filled with plenty of chocolate-infused treats (not like there’s anything wrong with that), then why not give your tastebuds a break and transform an Australian Easter icon into a savoury sensation?

And, thanks to Lotus Dining Group, your weird and somewhat delicious dreams has become a reality thanks to their limited-edition Hot Cross BBQ Pork Buns.

In preparation for celebrating Easter 2021 festivities, Lotus Dining Group have announced their own dim sum inspired twist on the classic hot cross bun. Similar to the shape and look of a hot cross bun, this BBQ Pork infused ball of deliciousness is even complete with the piped cross adorning each ball.

As for the taste, inside eaters will find Lotus’ renowned rich BBQ pork filling that’s surrounded by a ball of flaky pastry. It’s all things Sydneysiders know and love about a traditional baked BBQ pork bun; but this time it’s been transformed into a festive, Easter-inspired hot cross bun-like encased package.

Available from Tuesday 30 March – Sunday 04 April, the Lotus Hot Cross BBQ Pork Buns are strictly a limited-edition release and can be purchased from select Lotus venues for just $12 for two. Jam and cream won’t be necessary.

When: Tuesday 30 March РSunday 04 April 2021
Where: Chi by Lotus, Lotus Double Bay, The Gardens by Lotus, Madame Shanghai and Lotus The Galeries.
Cost: $12 for two
For more information: Lotus Dining Group website.

Looking for other weird and wonderful Easter food releases? For the adults you can now get a dulce de leche and Lindt chocolate Easter cocktail delivered to your house. Or, if you like to get creative with your food, Cadbury’s Easter DIY Egg Kit will help you do just that.

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Editor’s Note: Hunter and Bligh was gifted by Lotus Dining Group. All reviews are authentic and are in no way influenced by our partnership.