Looking for the top places for a beautiful smoothie bowl? We’ve found Perth’s most delicious açai bowl spots!

Açai bowls tick all the boxes: they’re delicious, healthy and they look pretty good too! Thankfully for Perthlings there are plenty of great places to buy açai bowls in and around Perth. They are the perfect treat the morning after a night out, or as a refreshing snack at the beach.

Pronounced as “ah-sigh-ee”, get your Instagram feed ready as we’ve curated a list of the top places for Perth’s best açai bowls of 2023!

<strong>Açai Brothers</strong>
Photographed by Elle Katie. Image via Pixabay.

Açai Brothers

Well-loved açai franchise Açai Brothers has two stores in Perth – one in Fremantle and the other in City Beach. With multiple stores across the country, it’s no surprise Açai Brothers know how to make a delicious açai bowl. Also making our list as one of the Best Places to Get an Acai Bowl in Brisbane; thanks to Açai Brothers you’ll be able to pick and choose from their extensive list of flavour combinations including Salted Caramel, Lemon Meringue, Mango Passionfruit and more. Plus, you can also pick up a range of other superfood options.

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Various Locations
<strong>The Açai Corner</strong>
Photographed by Daria Shevtsova. Image via Pexels.

The Açai Corner

Sourcing their fruit by hand from a large fresh fruit market in Western Australia, The Açai Corner has an array of açai and smoothie bowls, all created with a passion for using unsweetened and premium açai. They have a storefront in Claremont’s shopping hub, as well as a food truck along the South Perth foreshore at Coode Street Playground. Renowned as the home to one of Perth’s best açai bowls, The Açai Corner is the perfect way to start your day – just bring a long your mat an unwind after a nutritious smoothie bowl!

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Shop 2, Times Square, Claremont, WA 6010
<strong>Java Juice</strong>
Photographed by Madison Inouye. Image via Pexels.

Java Juice

Centrally located in the CBD, Java Juice is the perfect place to head to if you need a pick-me-up during your workday. There are a few açai and smoothie bowls to choose from including the scrumptious Karamel Koala with banana, açai and caramel protein. Established in 1996, Java Juice was one of the first juice bars in Perth and they have now expanded to smoothie and açai delights. Apart from whipping up some delicious creations, they also donate their profits to Happiness Co, who aim to improve mental and lower cases of anxiety, depression and unhappiness in the population.

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865 Hay St, Perth, WA 6000
<strong>Little Cultures</strong>
Photographed by Roman Odintsov. Image via Pexels.

Little Cultures

Little Cultures is a superfood and dessert bar nestled on Rokeby Road in Subiaco. Taking the title as one of the first dessert and health food stores in Perth, Little Cultures started out by making their own fresh yoghurt on their premises. Today they have now expanded into making açai and smoothie bowls as well as juices, milkshakes and gelato. Renowned as the home of Perth’s best açai bowls, here you can choose bowls with an açai base or a signature bowl made with dragon fruit, mango or banana as the base. With all smoothie bowls topped with either pale granola or their nut-free vegan muesli and, of course, an abundance of fresh fruit.

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51 Rokeby Rd, Subiaco, WA 6008
<strong>Ohana Açai</strong>
Image supplied.

Ohana Açai

Specialising in açai bowls, Ohana Açai allows you to curate your own bowl or pick from an array of their own carefully crafted creations. If you’re in the mood to DIY, you’ll find an order form where you can circle your preferred options. Are you feeling strawberries or blueberries? Bee pollen or cranberries? Their delicious bowls are all made with handmade, gluten-free granola, and none of their ingredients contains any refined sugars. Your personalised bowl will be whipped up in no time, and it’s the perfect treat to either bring down to the nearby beach or enjoy in the seating area at their new Fremantle address.

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30 Market St, Fremantle, WA 6160
Photographed by Kate Jones. Image supplied to Hunter and Bligh.


If you’re in search of where to find Perth’s best açai bowls, Oushk, a family-run cafe in Palmyra, is a mecca for smoothie bowl lovers. Their bowls are overflowing with Nutella, peanut butter, cacao nibs and, most notably, Turkish delight, baklava or honey cake. Ouskh means to adore or love in Arabic, and after a visit here, you’ll understand why. The quaint cafe also has a cabinet of savoury delights, delicious coffees and Earth bowls. Get your cameras ready, as the açai bowls at Oushk are very photogenic!

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61A Carrington St, Palmyra, WA 6157
<strong>Pearth Organic Kitchen</strong>
Photographed by abillionveg. Image via Unsplash.

Pearth Organic Kitchen

If you’re looking for Perth’s best açai bowls, look no further than Pearth Organic Kitchen that aims to support local businesses by sourcing organic produce as much as possible. With seasonal acai bowl creations, this Leederville-based cafe also has an extensive range of gluten-free and vegan options on their menu. A must visit in 2023!

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106C Cambridge St, Leederville, WA 6007
<strong>Pixel Coffee Brewers</strong>
Photographed by Ella Olsson. Image via Pixabay.

Pixel Coffee Brewers

While Pixel does not necessarily specialise in açai, they have become known in Perth for designing a beautifully crafted bowl. Their açai bowl is made with granola, strawberries, nectarines and edible flowers, and is the ideal accompaniment on a warm Perth day. Other meals on offer at Pixel include raw cakes, French toast, big breakfasts and many other crowd-favourites.

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2/226 Oxford St, Leederville, WA 6007

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Feature image: Photographed by Ella Olsson. Image via Unsplash.
This article was first published on November 11 2020. It was updated and edited by Hunter and Bligh on September 06 2023.