Cancel your long weekend plans – Australians are flipping coins with the no-go ANZAC Day 2021 public holiday.

Don’t hit the pub too hard this year and be sure to cash out of Two-Up early as this ANZAC Day 2021, Australians are heading back to work the following day.

When we think of ANZAC Day, a few things come to mind: paying your respects, heading to your local pub, enjoying a game or three of Two-Up, ANZAC biscuits and, of course, the much-anticipated public holiday to stretch out your long weekend plans. This year, Australia is doing things differently thanks to ANZAC Day falling on a Sunday.

Is there a public holiday for ANZAC Day 2021?

Although ANZAC Day (Sunday 25 April 2021) is considered a public holiday, this year, there isn’t an additional public holiday as it falls on the weekend. The next ANZAC Day long weekend is until 2022.*

Tossing up between heads or tails, Hunter and Bligh asked there Australian members where they believe that ANZAC Day 2021 should be a national public holiday, regardless of the economic cost. And with the results, they are worth fighting for.

The survey found that across the nation, more than eight in 10 (82.5 per cent) of Australians believe that Monday 26 April 2021 should be a public holiday for all states and territories – even though the public holiday is on the Sunday and does not provide an additional day off on the Monday.

From this, over 90 per cent of survey applicants believe that ANZAC Day should always be a public holiday as a sign of respect to those who sacrificed their lives.

Despite the high-end ranging results and the overwhelming support for a day off, fewer than four in 10 of applicants say that they will be attending an ANZAC Day service this year. And, around one-third (34.3 per cent) will much prefer a sleep-in than attending dawn services.

As for the cost of a one-day national public holiday which is predicted to be roughly $7 billion, almost six in 10 (56.6 per cent) Australians believe that it’s totally worth it. So, the decision is yours. National public holiday and long weekend or not? Join in on the conversation on our InstagramFacebook or Twitter now.

Ready to head to the pub? Before you leave be sure to touch up on your skills with our simple guide on how to play Two-Up on ANZAC Day. Or, if you’re staying in, treat yourself to this ANZAC Biscuit recipe – an Aussie classic.

Data received by Hunter and Bligh and conducted by CoreData Research, a global specialist financial services research and strategy consultancy. The survey was conducted in April 2021 and received results from 1038 Australians.
*Editor’s Note: All states and territories excluding New South Wales and Victoria have a long weekend this ANZAC Day 2021.
Feature image: Photographed by Milos Tonchevski. Image via Unsplash.