How to Play Two-Up At Home: The Anzac Day 2020 Edition

COVID-19 has affected our plans for pretty much everything, but we’ll be damned if it affects our Anzac Day 2020 celebrations.

When times are tough, Aussies come together to support each other, share a laugh and lend a helping hand, as did those who had it the toughest, the Anzacs. And with that Anzac spirit, we’ll push through this, reflect and celebrate on April 25 and what it meant for Australians.

As well as honouring the Anzacs in your preferred way, you can’t go past the classic Aussie tradition, a game of Two-Up.

Created by troops during World War I, the spin-off and, let’s be honest, better version of the British’s Pitch and Toss can be a little daunting when you realise you’re a little rusty on the rules.

But never fear, we’ve got you covered. So, for Anzac Day 2020, why not gather your mates on video chat and have a crack at the Aussie gem.

First off, let’s go over the Two-Up lingo: 

Boxer: the game owner. This person runs the game and the betting. They do not bet.
Ringie: the supervisor in the ring (or virtual supervisor in this case).
Kip: the flat board used to throw the coins (you can use a small plank of wood or thin cheeseboard).
Spinner: the player who tosses the pennies (make sure you get this gig-it’s fun)
Sling: a tip given to the boxer

Ok, so let’s play:

1. A “ringie” places two coins, tail side up, on a paddle (“kip”), while punters gather around the game (or now, screens) and roar phrases like “tennahead!” (meaning $10 on both coins landing on heads, pretty easy huh?).

2. When the call “come in spinner” is made from the “boxer“, the “spinner” tosses the coins up.

3. It’s the ringie’s job to ensure that the coins are tossed at least three metres into the air.

4. All coins need to fall within the crowd’s circle (or now, your designated floor space). If one or more fall outside, the “ringie” declares the game void. The “spinner” then makes another turn.

5. During this time, bets on heads or tails are taken ringside (this year, in messenger or chat) in the direction of the head-better.

6. If both coins show the side you bet on, you win. The spinner continues to until two of the same side appear.

7. And that’s it! Whether you win or lose, it’s guaranteed you’ll have a great time.

Do remember to gamble responsibly and be a good sport – comradery is what the day is all about. And be sure to practice social distancing!

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