We have mass protests against current gun laws happening in the US, we have a Brexit scandal pressuring the UK government, and in Australia it is found that tax concessions to the wealthy is costing six times more than welfare payments according Per Capita.

But, you probably didn’t know any of this because your news feed is plagued by some professional cricket newbie rubbing a ball with makeshift sandpaper.

So, here’s a list of stuff being drowned out by ball tampering:

Brexit Scandal: Teresa May Pressured To Investigate

Yesterday, a whistleblower who worked for the official Vote Leave campaign during the Brexit referendum has raised concerns that the referendum could have been fixed. Today, UK Prime Minister Teresa May is being pressured to investigate the claims. And now, 10 Downing Street is being blasted by members of the public for outing the whistleblower in a press release, calling concerns for his family back home in Pakistan where homosexuality is illegal.

This is a big one for the UK, and relates to something the whole world should know about: organised cyber crime. And if you’re a BBC fan, you’d be bummed to know that even the BBC highlighted cricket ball tampering as top news above this arising Brexit Scandal.

Tax Concessions To Wealthy Costing Six Times The Dole

Back to Australian shores, it has been found that tax concessions that have been given to the wealthy is costing six times more than those on Centrelink’s Newstart allowance, while also costing more than more than the aged pension, family assistance payments, disability benefits and Newstart combined.

Barnaby Joyce Officially Lists Vikki Campion His Partner


Yep, that’s right. Barnaby has made it official. In what has been a media frenzy over the last couple of weeks has now silently ended with an official declaration. And it is noted that he has missed the 28-day deadline of declaring new changes on the parliamentary register, where he risks being found in contempt.

Peter Dutton Says Visa Granted To Au Pair Is In Public Interest

According to the dictionary, an au pair is a “young foreign person, typically a woman, who helps with housework or childcare in exchange for food, a room, and some pocket money.” The person in question had her visa cancelled as she landed in Brisbane in mid-2015. She made a phone call to an unknown contact while detained at the airport and was “quickly” granted a new visa which allowed her to lawfully enter Australia.

Stormy Daniels Sets The Record Straight With Trump In CBS Interview

Pornstar Stormy Daniels speaks out on CBS television show 60 Minutes, wanting to set the record straight against President Donald Trump, where she claims to have slept with him in 2006. She also outlines how she was threatened in a Las Vegas parking lot to “leave Trump alone”.

Gun Control Rallies Sweep US

Washington was swamped by protesters seeking for gun control in the US, featuring some prominent speeches by recent survivors of recent school shootings. Above was the speech given by Emma Gonzalez, which has been making waves in the US.

Feature image: Photographed by traveliving. Image via Shutterstock.