The world’s largest short film festival, Tropfest Australia will return next year and is calling for filmmakers to get their cameras rolling.

Tropfest is encouraging filmmakers’ creativity to bloom, with 2018’s Tropfest set to reflect the film industry’s growing vibrancy, equality and diversity.

The 25th Annual Tropfest will be held in Parramatta Park on Saturday 17 February and festival organisers are hopeful that 2018’s short films will reflect the expanding multiculturalism and inclusivity in Australia.

“In 2017 Tropfest achieved gender equality for the first time ever, with 50% of the Festival finalists made by female filmmakers. This year, Tropfest will strive to further increase inclusivity, welcoming support from the NSW Government through Multicultural NSW to encourage culturally diverse filmmakers to submit their stories,” said Tropfest Founder and Director John Polson.

Each year, Tropfest selects a Tropfest Signature Item which all 7-minute films have to include, and this year’s Signature Item is the rose.  Sixteen films are chosen as finalists and these lucky finalists will have their work premiered to tens of thousands of film-goers as well as thousands more sitting at home.

Minister for Multiculturalism, Ray Williams said he is very excited about Tropfest 2018’s theme: “Nearly half of Australians were either born overseas or have at least one parent born overseas, so it’s only natural Tropfest tells the stories of our diverse society.”

“The NSW Government encourages greater cultural diversity on our screens to reflect Australia’s rich multicultural identity.”

Prizes for winners will be announced soon – entries to Tropfest can be of amateur or professional standards.

Entries for Tropfest 2018 will open on October 15 and close January 11.

Tropfest 2018
Parramatta Park, Parramatta
Saturday 24 February, 2018
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Featured Image: Brook Mitchell /Getty Images/Supplied