Easter egg hunts are not just for humans!

Australia’s largest pet sitting network, Mad Paws, is hosting the world’s largest Easter Egg Hunt for dogs this weekend at major capital cities around this great southern land.

The Mad Paws Easter Egg Hunt will take place at midday in Sydney at Glebe Foreshore Parks on April 13, and the timings will be synchronised in Melbourne, Darwin, Canberra and Brisbane. Canine companions and their humans will gather in their respective city to search for dog-friendly Easter Eggs, with lots of fun games and prizes on the day. This event is expected to surpass Mad Paws’ Doggy Easter Egg Hunt held in 2018.


Mad Paws’ Community Manager, Thomas Derricott, says the team are excited to host this bigger and better event for dogs.

“As Australia’s largest pet sitting network, we are thrilled to bring together dogs, their humans and some of our 15,000 plus network of pet sitters to celebrate Easter together,” he said.

“With Easter being a peak time at Mad Paws as owners head away on holidays, the event also provides a perfect opportunity for doggos, sitters and owners to bond ahead of their Easter break.”

While Mad Paws Easter Egg Hunt will feature entirely dog-friendly Carob Easter Eggs and dog treats, it’s important to remind pet owners of the dangers of feeding chocolate to dogs. TV Vet Dr Louisa Fenny, from Pawssum Vet to Home Services, advises: “Be sure to keep your chocolate stash well out of reach of your pets because ingestion can be fatal – even a small amount of chocolate.”

Thomas also wants to remind pet owners to keep their pets away from chocolate Easter eggs and also any flowers like lilies, which can make cats very ill.

“This is a great opportunity for people to come down and socialise with Mad Paws pet sitters and dogs,” Thomas says. “We will have our Mad Paws team there if you have any questions about becoming a sitter too.”

Being a pet sitter is perfect for pet lovers who can’t commit to having a pet for the long term.

“With Mad Paws, you can get paid to look after animals whenever it suits you and wherever it suits you. You can choose to just take dogs for walks if you can’t accommodate them in your home and you can also house sit for pets while their owners are out of town.

The Mad Paws Easter Egg Hunt is free and open to everyone.  For more information, click here.