Horace said “A picture is a poem without words.” This could not be more true for the spectacular work and the poetic magic the KAB Gallery in Terrigal can add to your home or work space. It is truly spectacular.

From a young age, Kerry Ann Blanket spent weekends at the museum consuming art and engrossing herself in a world of creativity and visual motivation. Her parents nurtured an early identified talent with private lessons from some of Australia’s most highly trained artists, and Blanket  continued this passion for art into her tertiary education.

With a Bachelor and two Masters degrees from the University of Sydney, Blanket has enjoyed a fruitful career handling various types of art and  working among exceptional pieces at the National Trust of Australia, and is now managing artists through her own gallery at Crowne Plaza on the scenic Terrigal beachfront.

Her expertise in putting works under the hammer in the secondary market make her the ideal person to talk to when it comes to making a lucrative art investment and ultimately picking a work suited to you. Blanket has supplied Australian pieces around the world and celebrities like Guy Pearce, Harriet Dyer and high profile stylists, socialites and leaders in the business and political world have all taken on Blanket’s expertise in helping them choose the right art for them.

So how do you even begin to understand what is the right fit for your home?

“I always ask a client what the space will be used for and what feeling they hope to evoke from having the artwork in the room,” says Blanket.

She adds a client should choose something that is versatile and can be displayed in more than one room, in case you want to mix things up. “Choose something you love. It’s important to connect with the artwork so you can enjoy it every day.”

Blanket says aesthetics are important too. You should consider if the art is framed in glass, will it cause reflection in the afternoon sun? Does the weight of the art pose a safety hazard if it’s hung over a bed or couch? What elements in the artwork will help create the desired feeling? Things like lines, colour and tone all play a role in determining if the art is a perfect fit.

“Questions, suggestions, careful revision and feedback all come into play when I work with a client,” says Blanket.

This year, Blanket has noticed certain trends in the art people are investing in. “You look for quality, beauty, versatility and a good professional artist. I believe it is also really important to love the art you are buying. That’s the best part about investing in a good art collection – you can enjoy the beauty every day.

“Variety is very on point this year. Combine contemporary sculpture with traditional wall art. I’ve noticed a trend in clients looking for textured paintings that have a sculptural, three-dimensional look on the canvas, often without the need for framing.”

Blanket adds that while she has fortunately never had to work with someone who created ‘bad art’, she does say it is all about quality. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but good art will scream quality. A professional artist uses quality materials and is committed to making something great.”

Prize season is an exciting time in the art world, and many KAB artists have had their work entered in the Archibald competition with  this year’s Lisa Wilkinson portrait considered a great accomplishment. “Each artist selects their subject for unique reasons and has their own process and connection to the subject,” says Blanket.

While she can’t share too many details about next year’s competition, Blanket does say  the judges tend to favour celebrity portraits. “I can reveal that KAB Gallery artist Sally West is currently painting Tony Abbott. I asked her about the first sitting experience and she told me she was able to get to know him on a personal level so that she can depict him as the person not the politician. I have seen a few previews of related works from the sittings and they are truly unexpected – I hope to unveil some soon at KAB Gallery.”

Some final advice from Blanket on purchasing a unique work for your living area is, “Ask a lot of questions when making the purchase. Learn as much as you can about the artist, their practice, the series and the unique message in the artwork. It’s amazing how often a client knows exactly what they want and just don’t realise until they’ve taken the time to thoroughly discuss it.”

Purchasing an artwork that holds personal significance and meaning is crucial if you want to develop a personal collection, or are looking for a piece to complete your space.  If you are unsure of where to start, KAB Gallery is the place to go.

KAB Gallery
1300 78 7773
Crowne Plaza, 40 Terrigal Esplanade, Terrigal NSW 2260

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