Give it to me and give it to me fast.

And that’s what these three online systems and apps can do for you. They can bring you things, and send them away. It’s the digital assistant you always wanted and they are affordable, reliable, trackable and all-round just dandy.

So the next time you’re sending a 25kg gift, need a quick courier pick-up or forgot something interstate, skip the hassle of the post office or pricey couriers and jump online to one of these handy helpers.


Ever left something interstate? Maybe your favourite jumper, a charger, or a very valuable laptop? We have, and it’s not a great feeling. Delivery company Airrushlocal knows the feeling all too well and decided to put everyone at ease by introducing their new offer which sees a partnership with scooter-based rideshare company Scooti. Now you can be reunited with your forgotten item. At the moment, it’s just for Sydney-siders and Melbournites to take advantage of, and it works like this: you can pay¬†Airrushlocal to pick up your forgotten item (up to 3kg),¬†physically escorted on a plane back to you, and delivered to your door. That’s it. The item never goes out of sight of the carrier, all of which have been vetted by Scooti. Deliveries start just as low as $89 and beat another airfare (even with Tiger).¬†

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One of our personal favourites, this courier service is like public transport for your package. Except, Sendle is more reliable. All it takes is sealing your box, signing up, entering your details and dimensions, printing off your label, then waiting for the courier to collect it the next day. Better yet, packages up to 25KG delivered within Australia usually cost between $30-$55, which is a steal compared to other couriers who charge closer to $200. You can send both domestically and internationally. It’s also Australia’s first carbon neutral delivery service partnering with South Pole Group, so you can feel even better about your send!

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Zoom2U is Uber for your package and it’s bloody fantastic. Think next day or same-day delivery, three-hour delivery and ASAP VIP delivery for your super important packages (or last-minute forgotten presents you need delivering). The package doesn’t even need to be in a super sturdy box, or carefully wrapped- they’ll pick up tiny cakes, to clothes, to furniture and more. The whole thing is trackable from pick up to drop off, ensuring you know how your package is and where it is – just like a helicopter parent. All drivers are carefully vetted too, so you can feel at ease.

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Feature image: Courier Service. Photographed by Rido. Image via Shutterstock.