We didn’t even have laptops when we were at school…

There’s no denying that the kids of 2020 have had a pretty horrific schooling year. And, of course, a pandemic isn’t something we wished we lived through at any age, but especially as a school-aged student.

However, if we’re looking for a silver lining (no matter how thin it is), we’ve found one. Kids today literally have educational robots that do everything… and it’s pretty cool.

Introducing the RoboMaster EP Core, an all-in-one classroom solution that takes STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) learning to the next level. Ultimately the RoboMaster EP Core is an educational robot with cutting-edge hardware capabilities, supplemental teaching materials and a competition kit to introduce students to AI, engineering, programming, robotics and more. It’s the first product introduced under DJI Education, a new branch which was set-up to provide students with experiential learning opportunities in the areas of STEAM, robotics and engineering (something we now wish we had).

Built to help instructors teach in an engaging, hands-on approach, the RoboMaster EP Core is equipped with high-performance mechanical accessories like a robotic arm, gripper, mecanum wheels and armours which can be programmed and controlled for a variety of fun tasks. With multiple ports, the RoboMaster EP Core supports third-party accessories for customisation, including smart sensors and single-board computers.

With well-rounded and thorough teaching resources and a competition kit that is continually updated, the RoboMaster EP Core expands the boundaries for students learning AI, engineering, programming, and robotics.

So, let’s take a look at it.

We think it’s safe to say, if the kids of the today can get their hands on this, during their next pandemic (which hopefully doesn’t happen…) they won’t be asking questions like “how do I turn my Zoom mic on?” like the rest of us.

Want to learn more? Head to DJI’s website now or their online store.

RoboMaster EP Core Educational Robot feature image supplied.