Smartphones are changing every year, with new specs making their way behind the screen. But buying a smartphone isn’t like buying toilet paper, because a lot of us use our phones differently.

Some of us are photography nutters seeking a phone that takes spectacular pictures (selfies); some of us are workaholics seeking a phone that will give us order and organisation; some of us are music freaks after a phone that sounds like a Bose boombox; and then there are some of us seeking a phone that will give us a nudge up on the social spectrum. So, for your ease, I’m going to list the most notable phones coming out this year.

For the photographer: Huawei P20 Pro

Most phones currently on the market have two lenses, but the Huawei p20 has three, offering images that could easily be mistaken for something off Shutterstock. But while image quality is necessary, so is battery life. There’s nothing worse than being halfway through your night out and your phone dwindling away below 15%.

The rear camera is the Leica Triple Camera: one is a 20MP monochrome lens, the middle is the 40MP RGB lens, and the third is an 8MP telephoto lens. The camera also features 5X Hybrid Zoom, allowing you to capture quality images of things that are not nearby. For those who are akin to snapping action pictures, the Huawei camera features 4D Predictive Focus, affording great action shots of fleeting moments. Double-tap the volume down button to bring the camera up and snap a picture in 0.3 seconds (depending on light), even if the phone is locked. And for those ultra night shots, Huawei P20 Pro features image stablisation technology so you can leave the tripod at home, and not to mention how amazing those drunken selfies will be. And if you love perfect colour saturation, the camera software can easily help with balancing your images automatically. Lastly, if you’re good, but not that good, Huawei P20 Pro also helps with offering professional framing tips for all your photos.

For the selfie queens with a fastidious taste in quality self portraits, the front camera is there to satisfy, with a 24MP lens, revealing all your stunning features. The Huawei P20 Pro also uses 3D Portrait Lighting, which helps light up your best highlights.

And that’s not all. On the video side of things, the Huawei P20 Pro comes with super slow motion video. How slow? 960 frames per second slow.

For the music-freak: HTC U11+

HTC has solidified itself in the market as a top brand for sound quality, and this time they do not disappoint. Meet the HTC U11+, a phone that really brings the bass with hardware that really helps keep you immersed in all your tunes.

A highlighted feature that music lovers living in a vibrant city will love is the Active Noise Control, making sure that most of what you hear is coming from your phone. Sometimes you just need to escape the sounds of traffic, pedestrians, and the occasional street seller. Along with ANC, the phone’s earbuds have incorporated HTC Usonic software which uses sonar-like technology to map your inner ear, meaning the sound quality will automatically adapt to suit your eardrums. And, to really make your ear drums dance, HTC brings its boomsound, which uses the body of the phone as an acoustic chamber to produce loud and rich sounds.

But we have to remember that playing music drains battery, something you needn’t worry about with the HTC U11+. The battery is 3930 mAh, giving you plenty of time to get through all those cool podcasts. And this also means you can watch more of your favourite shows while out and about, especially with the u11+ which features a 6 inch display with cinema-quality visuals. Hear the sound of swords slicing the air in Game of Thrones or the soothing voice of David Attenborough as he explains the ecosystems of our spectacular earth.

You’ll be the popular one on the bus.

For the general workaholic: Blackberry KEYone

While it’s good to shop around when it comes to certain specs, a great safe option for the workaholic is the latest BlackBerry, the BlackBerry KEYone. It comes with the full keyboard, allowing you to easily type messages without having to look at your phone, and with plenty of tricks to help you navigate your daily life. How about being able to program a key to open up one of your most-used apps. Press E for email, or press G for Google. It also affords faster communication with flick typing where you can flick words onto your screen as you type. Predictive text made faster.

It also comes with an impressive 3505 mAh battery, with quick charge capabilities. And for those worried about security breaches, this smartphone brand is considered the most secure. To find out more about it’s security, click here. And for those of you working in positions that require multiple messaging and email platforms, you’ll want to make use of the Blackberry Hub. Imagine all your emails, calender events, social media notifications and your phone messages all in one place.

But do remember that every workplace is different, and you may need different specs for different positions. Perhaps you work in a place where you may need to whip out your phone and take pictures of things, to which this Blackberry doesn’t offer the best camera. PR agents would be better suited with the latest Samsung or iPhone. It’s a safe option, too, when you’ve left your charger at home, because there’s bound to be someone with a charger that matches.

For the socialiser: Samsung s9|s9+ or iPhone 8|X

I get it, you’ve got a social status to uphold. You want too be seen with the most popular stuff. And not only that, you want something that will liven up your social media. Fabulous pictures for Instagram, great sound recording quality for your podcasts, sweet videos for your Facebook. No, it’s not too much to ask. And I’m leaving the final decision to you, because they both have different social aspects.

Firstly the Samsung s9 and s9+ are different in sizing, from battery to screen and even to RAM. This one enhances your social media experience with a crafty camera and with software that allows you to create your own emoji of yourself. Messenger has never been so much fun. It’s also quite good if you’re a frequent traveler who needs help in understanding language barriers. Simply point your camera at some words you don’t know and it’ll translate for you. It’s also helpful with sharing your screen to other Samsung devices around your home. It’s a great standard phone for the social media savvy who don’t like android.

On the other side is the iPhone 8 or X, which are also different in many aspects. But one thing that makes these guys stand out is the gaming software they share. Augmented reality has never been so fun. And if you’re a gaming buff, you may want to spend a bit more and get the iPhone X, which features an great core processor for those more enhanced games. On the emoji front, they both share emoji software, allowing you to manipulate an onscreen character with your face. And just like the Samsung s9 and s9+, it boasts a pretty impressive camera for those great moments on camera. You’ll be loved on Instagram and Facebook.

Really, the ultimate difference between iPhone and Samsung is your preference. They are both leading brands in the market, so you just have to ask yourself, Android or IOS?

For the frugal: Huawei Y7

Sometimes it’s better to be frugal about buying a smartphone. Perhaps you want to buy one for work, but don’t want to risk spending thousands for something that could break. Perhaps you want a second phone to play music on. Or perhaps you’ve just broken your new fancy iPhone X and cannot afford to buy another one just yet. But all this shouldn’t compromise quality, and that’s where the Huawei Y7 comes in. It looks fancy, it packs plenty of battery, and it’s pretty speedy according to users.

First, the battery. Huawei Y7 comes with the standard 4,000 mAh battery, giving you hours upon hours of usage. Second, it comes in a lightweight and sleek design, which could almost pass off as an iPhone circa 2014. And then there’s the camera. It’s not the best, but it’s pretty good, packing 12MP at the back and 8MP at the front, and includes facial recognition technology along with autofocus technology allowing you to focus on your subjects in under a second. And then there’s the speed, featuring an Octa-core CPU equipped with 8 Corex-A53 processors and 2GB of RAM.

They’re not the best, but for an RRP of around AU $230, it’s pretty good.