Forget the drive-in, it’s all about the sail-in now. 

The anchor has been dropped, Australia’s capital is finally getting something even cooler than Questacon: a one-week only Floating Cinema.

This on-the-water cinema will be made up of 12 to 24 mini boats,  each hosting a maximum of eight people each, and will be afloat from October 28 2020. The only catch is (one we’re all for) when you buy your tickets, you’ll need to buy a boat’s worth, to ensure you’re only sitting with your friends and family, allowing social distancing measures to be in place.

Plus, there’ll be free popcorn for all attendees, as well as an array of movie snack favourites for sale (on land) – there’s no boat-to-boat choc top service here we’re afraid.

And as for our fishermen or women out there, unfortunately the only line you can drop is quoting your favourite classic films.

With a mix of classics and new release films on the cards, there will be something for everyone. Further details on Canberra’s Floating Cinema haven’t been shared yet, so if you’d like to be the first to hear about ticket sales head to Zip Tickets now to sign up.

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