The first step is denial, followed by acceptance.

Good old Netflix. The paid subscription, online, streaming site is most likely your first preference of film, television series or documentary viewing.

Television, however, has most certainly become somewhat non-existent.

As a child, watching too much television meant that you were a “square” (adjective – “a person who is regarded as dull, rigidly conventional, and out of touch with current trends” – Urban Dictionary).

Today, not being a binger or somewhat avid Netflix user means you’re most likely living under a rock. A weirdo. An outcast of some sort.

Are you fiddling your fingers wondering if you’re a binger on Netflix? Are you contemplating whether or not you have an issue with how much you watch? You don’t have an issue, turns out you’re normal.

A small 200,000 Netflix users in 2013 consider themselves as having Binge Racing behaviour, that has now grown to a staggering 5 million as of September this year.

If there’s a graph about it, it must be true.

Netflix Binge Racing Graph. Image Supplied.

So what is this Binge Racing? And are you a racer? Netflix has the defined the term as the art of “speeding through an entire season within 24 hours of its release and to be the first to finish” (verb).

No more hiding behind your trusted device, you’re in a safe place and we’re here to congratulate you.

Your friends and most likely family are probably judging you with your weird obsession with the newest show that’s been released, but turns out there are around 8.4 MILLION binge racers worldwide.

I told you that you were normal.

As much as being a binge racer is considered cool and something to be remarkably proud of, Australians aren’t in the top 5 countries worldwide. We’re coming 8th out of the top 20 binge racing countries.

Surprisingly our Canadian friends are coming first. Weird I know. But maybe all that breathtaking scenery and maple syrup gets a bit boring sometimes?

Netflix Top 5 Countries who Binge Race. Image Supplied.

Coincidentally hours after Netflix released their statement on Binge Racers, a 44 year old, Australian female has confessed that she’s binge-watched 13 shows within the first 24 hours of its release.

This is an achievement for all Netflix users to aspire to.

Now before we all lose our heads trying to recall what series you’ve obsessively watched on Netflix, they’ve compiled a list for us of their top 10 most binge raced shows:

Netflix Top 10 Shows. Image Supplied.

Before you hurl up in a ball to soak in your shame of classifying yourself as a “Binge Racer” just remember that tonight Stranger Things season 2 will be released!

Maybe consider going outside and being a social human being some other time?