Taking your senses to new heights.

From the creators behind SÉANCE, DARKFIELD will now be taking off on the streets of Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and Sydney with their newest movement and sensory deprivation installation, FLIGHT.

If the thought of stepping aboard a plane to get ready for takeoff and then being thrown around by turbulence makes the stomach turn, then FLIGHT may be the interactive art stimulation just for you.

Rather than checking-in to your next getaway on a Boeing or Airbus, FLIGHT transports passengers with the use of a distinct 40ft shipping container. Using a collection of theatrical experiences enacted in complete darkness, guests stow their carry-on luggage in the built over-head compartments, make their way to their seats and then the cabin doors close to begin takeoff (or stimulation).

FLIGHT, much like DARKFIELD’s first art stimulation SÉANCE which has already mystified 50,000 visitors, jolts its audience into a parallel reality with the help of being staged in complete darkness. Here, passengers will be travelling through a multi-universal journey intensifying their senses.

Much like the real deal, DARKFIELD’s FLIGHT container was produced by Melbourne-based Realscape Productions with the use of fitted plane seats, windows, overhead cabins that were all sourced from the economy section of a real plane.

FLIGHT’s curious passengers will be staged in a performance similar to Erwin Schrödinger’s cat quantum mechanics theory which will explore an evolving narrative of fear and anxiety of the possibilities of flight including loss of cabin pressure. But not to fret, alternative scenarios will be provided – there are many worlds in which this plane lands safely.

Featuring a combination of binaural (3D) sound, movement and sensory deprivation designed by DARKFIELD’s UK-based creative directors and founders, Glen Neath and David Roseberg, FLIGHT will manipulate the audience’s sense of reality in complete darkness.

“In most instances, vision is our leading perception. In the dark, we can start with the sound and create environments and characters and to allow the audience to create visuals for themselves, in their imaginations,” explains David Rosenberg.

So which seat will you choose? Window or aisle?

Where: Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and Sydney.
When: Melbourne till Sunday 8 December 2019, Perth Friday 17 January to Sunday 16 February 2020 as well as Adelaide, Hobart and Sydney in 2020.
Cost: $25
For more information visit: FLIGHT by DARKFIELD

WARNING: FLIGHT is not suitable for those who are claustrophobic, pregnant, under the age of 15 or suffer heart and back conditions.