Lexus is finally bringing back its mojo.

Lexus’ new luxury coupe is all about building the brand and is a bold step for company. Unfortunately for Lexus, the brand just isn’t the first thing you think of when it comes to performance and that energetic creativity you want to find in a high end vehicle. Instead, what comes to mind is that car someone buys when they’re not quite enough of a car enthusiast to invest in a vintage Porsche 911.

But the new Lexus LC 500, with production aimed at 4500 units a year, will make you look twice. The outside composition is, for a Lexus, remarkable. With a fishnet, hourglass-like grille and a curvature that sparks to mind the clocks of Salvador Dalí, the lines and profile of this vehicle are all a new provocative look for the brand.

Lexus LC500 Rear. Image by Pajor Pawel via Shutterstock

Lexus LC500 Rear. Image by Pajor Pawel via Shutterstock

The interior is fitting to the outside; serene in space and design, but will leave you feeling protected and in control. There is smart tech incorporated into the stitched-leather landscape, and Lexus even trialled close to 50 different seat designs before selecting a winner, with Chief Engineer Koji Sato as the mastermind behind it all. There is a choice of three trim levels – Standard, Sport and Sport+, with the two sport models swapping the glass panoramic roof with lighter carbonfiber.

With its 5.0 litre, 471 horsepower and naturally aspirated V8 engine hooked to a 10-speed automatic transmission of Toyota’s own design, this new model is seen as reigniting the spark of Lexus, and redefining the luxury automobile brand. The transmission, with evenly space ratios from second to ninth gear, has coined the name “rhythmic shifting” by Lexus engineers.

Lexus Interior. Image by Ariel_photography_t via Shutterstock.

Lexus Interior. Image by Ariel_photography_t via Shutterstock.

Despite being the most powerful Lexus model to date, the car is not just about a revival. Lexus prides itself on the smoothness of the driving experience which really lends to making the LC500 a joy to drive.

Prices start around $92,000 ($96,500 for the hybrid) – a good $50,000 cheaper than the Audi RS7 series. It also lives and breathes high performance with a sub-five second sprint from 0-62 mph, and a ten-speed automatic gearbox – a first for any car in the Lexus fleet.

The Lexus LC500 is now available Australia.

For more details on the Lexus LC500, click here.

Feature Image by Pajor Pawel via Shutterstock.