Get pumped to the ultimate workout playlists on Spotify!

Whether you’re hitting the gym, pounding the pavement, or flowing through a yoga session, the right music can elevate your workout experience. Spotify hosts a plethora of curated playlists designed to keep you motivated, energized, and in the zone.

From rap anthems to EDM bangers, we’ve got you covered with our guide to the best workout playlists on Spotify. Just grab your headphones and scroll to learn about the best music playlists to help you break a sweat and smash your fitness goals.


Beast Mode

Aptly named, this list is regularly updated with the best of rap, EDM, and rock tracks – the three best genres for pumping the vibes and keeping the energy up. Featuring barrel-chested rap bangers like Jay-Z and Kanye, heart-pounding electronic beats, and head-banging rock anthems, Beast Mode is your go-to playlist when you need to unleash your inner beast at the gym.

EDM Workout

Pump and grind to the latest EDM hits from around the world with this thumping playlist. Workout EDM Mix is serving up an infectious selection of house and electronic music that’ll blend perfectly with any workout, whether at a fitness centre or personal home gym. Featuring the likes of David Guetta and PNAU, as well as modern pop hits from Kylie Minogue and Lady Gaga, you’ll hit all your fitness goals with EDM Workout.


Listen to the most influential and important rappers with the prestigious RapCaviar playlist. This Spotify exclusive playlist brings you the best of the hip hop industry, whether from cultural forces from Drake and Nicki Minaj to up-and-coming voices from new artists on the bleeding edge of the genre. When pumping iron, nothing will get you more motivated than the sounds from RapCaviar blasting through your headphones.

Running Tempo Mix

Keep up the pace and never back down from your goals with this sensational running playlist. Running Tempo Mix, curated by Nike, helps you power through your run with a range of tracks from Diplo to Glass Animals and Billie Eilish, all designed to keep your BPM high and motivating you to put one foot in front of the other. From pavement to trail, move forward with one of the best playlists for running!

Super Eurobeat Mix

What is Eurobeat, you may ask? Think high octane disco music from the most alternative European dance clubs, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of why this is the perfect soundtrack for any workout routine. Kinetic and propulsive like a metronome on steroids, Super Eurobeat Mix is guaranteed to be the most you’ve ever felt exercising.

Yoga Acoustics

For those after a perfect playlist for yoga, look no further than Yoga Acoustics. Curated by the music lovers at Spotify, you’ll be stretching and posing to the meditative melodies from the likes of Hozier and Fleet Foxes, perfect for easing your mind and muscles. So roll out the yoga mat, stay hydrated, and relax to the acoustic stylings of this great Spotify playlist.


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