Needing some playlist recommendations? Listen your way through this list of the best Australian podcasts!

In the vast expanse of the podcast universe, Australia shines as a beacon of captivating storytelling, witty banter, and thought-provoking discussions. Whether you’re commuting, sweating it out at the gym or simply unwinding, tuning in to these Aussie gems is like having a room full of friends – without the need for small talk.

No matter your interest – whether that be heavy political discussions, goofy shenanigans, or true crime tales – there is a podcast for you. So, grab your headphones and let’s dive into this list of the best Australian podcasts that deserve a spot in your playlist!


Aunty Donna Podcast

Melbourne comedians Broden Kelly, Mark Bonanno and Zachary Ruane are here to tickle your funny bones with their hilarious Aunty Donna Podcast. Expect absurdity, satirical premises, and a rotating roster of fellow comedians that veer off the rails faster than a runaway train. Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and all of your favourite services, unwind and prepare for a gut punch with comedy stylings Aunty Donna Podcast no matter where you are!


Australian True Crime

Being Biracial

In the cultural melting pot of Australia, talking about racial identity and belonging can be a tricky subject to discuss. Yet the podcast Being Biracial is not afraid to delve deep into Australia and New Zealand’s history and current culture. Hosted by Maria Birch-Morunga and Kate Robinson, this podcast offers a heartfelt exploration into the challenges of having mixed heritage, and their attempts to connect with those different cultures. Tune into your favourite podcast apps for the brilliant Being Biracial!

Casefile True Crime

Australian listeners, welcome to Casefile. First airing in 2016 and featuring an anonymous host, each episode will take you deep into police files to re-open some of the most gruesome and devastating murder cases in Australia’s history. Each minute of this Australian podcast is as darkly captivating as the last. So, for a scare, stream through Casefile True Crime now.


For those wanting to keep up with what’s happening across Australia, look no further than Conversations. An iconic Australian interview radio program, ABC’s Conversations has been captivating radio listeners since 2005. Hosted by Australian stalwart journalists, this Australian news podcast showcases riveting conversations with fascinating guests on all the most important discussions happening in the country.

The Daily Aus

Keep up with the onslaught of daily events with The Daily Aus. This is a daily news podcast that breaks down the major events for young people across Australia. Drawing from the newsroom of journalists, you’ll be educated on everything from the environmental impact of renting clothes to the future of Australian music festivals. So, get your daily fix of the news with this exceptional podcast!

Hamish & Andy Podcast

The original Australian comedy duo, Hamish and Andy have been entertaining listeners through the airwaves since 2003. Today, their career has landed them the title as one of the most popular and beloved Australian podcasts. With their zany antics and boisterous natural chemistry, this comedy podcast features on-air gags, gut busting tangents and some of the most fun you’ll have listening to any podcast out there!

It’s A Lot with Abbie Chatfield

Hosted by reality TV star Abbie Chatfield, It’s A Lot with Abbie Chatfield reveals the real Abbie. Mental health, feminism, dating, sex tips, interviews, and plenty of laughs are all on the table in this candid and heartwarming podcast. And, with plenty of interviews with clever and wickedly funny guests, it’s always a lot with this Australian podcast!


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Feature image: Photographed by Austin Distel. Image via Unsplash.