If you’re looking for helicopter companies who can get you to a golf course on time, then you’re on the wrong list. We recommend taking the Commonwealth car – the taxpayers won’t mind.

To clarify, this list is about the best helicopter tours around Australia. The ones where you get to see unique views of spectacular landmarks and where you can get those once in a lifetime snaps for Instagram and Snapchat.

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Move over Bronwyn, this list is about to get crazy!

Sydney, New South Wales

For a city that has two world-famous landmarks, the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, we’d be silly not to add this to the list. And hey, it’s a great start too. Imagine flying over the harbour, hovering above the city skyline and the Sydney Opera House.If you sign up with us today, you can go into the draw to win a Red Balloon voucher, helping you buy a thirty-minute tour of Sydney.

The Great Ocean Road, Victoria

The Great Ocean Road is considered one of the best driving experiences Australia has to offer. With its winding road, spectacular scenic view of the ocean, and unique landmarks like the twelve apostles, it does make for great driving. But imagine flying over it. Talk about an incredible view! If you sign up with us today, you can go into the draw to win a Red Balloon voucher, helping you buy a 60-minute tour over the Great Ocean Road for two people.

Barossa Valley, South Australia

Ah, Barossa Valley. Any wine enthusiast would tell you this is a top spot for wine. And if they’re that serious, they’d probably have already flown this one. Take a trip over the vineyards and see a truly unique sight, and then spend the afternoon sipping on and purchasing wine to take home. If you want a more seamless experience, try this flight tour of Barossa Valley for two, where you and a special someone can fly over the Barossa, and then indulge in breakfast at the Monkey Nut Cafe that includes a bottle of sparkling wine. Sign up here for your chance to win a red balloon voucher to help you buy this experience.

Three Capes/Port Arthur, Tasmania

Tasmania is fast becoming a tourist haven, with the Museum of Old and New Art bringing in new people, and the spectacular sights making their way across the vast expanse of social media. But then there are experiences like this that need to be known. Southeast of Hobart is Port Arthur, surrounded by beautiful untouched scenery. If you sign up with us today, you can go into the draw to win a Red Balloon voucher, helping you buy a 15 minute tour of Port Arthur for 2 people.

Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

Now, this is an experience and a half! As anyone knows, Queensland’s eastern coastline is beautiful, and it needs to be seen. Fly above the crystal clear waters and take in the shallow reef, making sure to keep a camera handy. But maybe you want the ultimate trip, and we’ve got you covered. See the Great Barrier Reef above, on, and below the sea with Red Balloon for $399, for their cruise, snorkel and helicopter flight package. And if you sign up with us today you’ll go in the draw to win a Red Balloon voucher to help you buy this experience.

Uluru and Kata Tjuta, Northern Territory

Soon you won’t be allowed to climb upon it, which is understandable considering how sacred this site is, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experience it at all. See Uluru from the best view possible, taking in all its complexity and beauty. Then why not walk around it to see it up close. You can also book longer flights where you can also see Kata Tjuta, a cluster of rocks colloquially known as the Olgas. For information on flight bookings and tours, check out Professional Helicopter Services.

Mitchell Falls, Western Australia

Hidden in the top end of Western Australia is Mitchell Plateau, that carries the Mitchell River down to the ocean. And it’s the perfect place to take a helicopter tour. Helispirit creates the helicopter experiences, with a few to choose between. Try a transfer flight between Mitchell Falls and the campground, or go for a longer one that takes you to the coast. They also have a waterfall tour that lets you see many of the spectacular waterfalls along the Mitchell River

Hunter Valley, New South Wales

One thing the Hunter Valley does well is wine. But the other great thing is helicopter tours. And, if you know where to look, you can do both at the same time! Imagine taking your special someone on a trip over the Hunter Valley and seeing the lines of grapevines among grand estates, then landing in one of them for a luxurious picnic featuring a wine of your choosing. Well, you’re in luck, ’cause Red Balloon has this chopper and picnic package. And, if you sign up with us today, you’ll go into the draw to win a Red Balloon voucher to help you buy this experience.

Gold Coast, Queensland

For a city that is renowned for its nightlife culture, not to mention the bikini-clad parking inspectors, it’s surprising that they are not well-known for their chopper tours. It’s like a mini Manhattan, with their hotels and central business district evenly spread out along the coastline. But another favourite activity is jet boating, and Red Balloon is giving you a 2-in-one special with jet boating and a helicopter tour mashed into one. If you sign up with us today, you will go into the draw to win a Red Balloon Voucher, helping you buy this activity.

Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Alright, we’ll level with you, sometimes flying above a city can become so overrated. So why not fly above a mountainous national park instead? Tasmania, that little state down south that’s slowly coming out of its shell, has a heritage listed national park called Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair is awaiting your eyes to gander upon it.

Perth City, Western Australia

We know that Mitchell Falls is a bit of a long way away from Perth, but that doesn’t mean Perth dwellers can’t get in on the action. Fly above your own city and get a spectacular view of the Indian Ocean to the west, while taking in the landmarks of Perth to the east. If you sign up with us today, you will go into the draw to win a Red Balloon voucher, helping you buy a 10-minute flight above the Perth skyline.