Tennis fanatics across the country are preparing to lose more than 40 million hours of sleep this weekend, thanks to the Australian Open final.

And that’s without our beloved Ash Barty or king of the court, Roger Federer.

Proud Australian Open 2020 sponsor, Lavazza, AKA our morning saviour, has released research (in partnership with YouGov) on how Aussie’s plan on staying up for the best Grand Slam of the year, as well as how they plan on recovering from it…Here’s what we learned.

Aussies are bloody committed to tennis. 

More than eight million of us are set to watch the Australian Open this year. Seven-in-ten who tune in say they would stay up later than normal to follow the match – and 20% would stay glued to the screen until the very end. Better yet, 86% of those polled said they would stay up past their usual bedtime to watch the Australian Open over any other major sporting event, such as the Soccer, Cricket, Rugby World Cups’, State of Origin and The Ashes.

Aussies aren’t the best of mates…

Yes, you read that right, 42% of those who are staying up to watch the Australian Open admit to being late to important events like birthdays and weddings. YES, weddings. But shame on their friends for having a wedding during the hottest part of the year. Just under 2/3 of those surveyed admit being late to work thanks to a long enduring tennis match. Turns out, we aren’t that great a work colleague either.

Blokes believe it’s alright to chuck a sickie. 

So do the ladies. However, regarding professional obligations, one-in-five Aussies say it’s acceptable to be late to work – or chuck a sickie – after watching an iconic sporting game. Males (30%) were found to be twice as likely than females (15%) to hold this belief.

Males prefer to chuck a sickie. Image via shutterstock

Males prefer to chuck a sickie. Image via shutterstock

Aussies love mixing coffee and sport. 

When questioned on the drink of choice to burn the midnight oil, coffee took the top spot with about half of all respondents (48%) preferring it to alcohol (31%) and energy drinks (16%).

They’re bred as ‘tough as nails’ down in South Australia

South Australian sports fans are more likely than sports’ fans in any other state to stay up for more than four hours past their regular bedtime or until the game ends (South Australia 27% compared to New South Wales 19%, Victoria 19%, Queensland 18% and Western Australia 17%). 45% of South Australian’s also rely on their love of coffee to keep them watching.

Lavazza love Australians, especially those at the Australian Open.

“Australia’s love of tennis is renowned across the globe, which is echoed through the report. To support tennis fans’ passion, we’ll be giving away complimentary coffees this weekend at our Australian Open cafés from after 7pm. It promises to be another blockbuster and our refreshments will keep guests fuelled for all the action,” Lavazza APAC Business Unit Director and Australia Managing Director, Silvio Zaccareo.

All coffees and cold coffee drinks – including Lavazza’s new Nutty Nitro Cold Brew – will be complimentary at the Australian Open Grand Slam Oval Café and Garden Square Café locations after 7pm on Saturday 1 February and Sunday 2 February.

Australian Open 2020 + Lavazza Coffee Sponsor. Image supplied.

Australian Open 2020 + Lavazza Coffee Sponsor. Image supplied.

Research commissioned by YouGov on behalf of Lavazza Australia. The research was conducted online in December 2019, among a sample size of 1,002 Australians aged 18 years and up. Sample split is represented by state and gender – and data weighted by age, gender and region to reflect the latest ABS population estimates. *Calculated via a number of Australians aged over 18 reported by the Australian Electoral Commission, and the amount of time they report to stay up late in YouGov report.