Sydney, February 10 // Perth, June 9
Brisbane & Melbourne TBC 2018

Australian cities are being awarded “first of its kind” wedding expos dedicated to same-sex couples, and we’ve decided to see what the difference is. Called “Ever After: LGBTI Wedding Expo”, it was founded by Monique Annetts after hearing a close friend of hers had a horrible wedding shop experience.

“She felt constantly discriminated against or frowned upon during the planning phase of her wedding,” Monique said.

“I thought lets cut out those that feel a certain way and have an expo filled with those who are supportive and fabulous.”

But the kicker was that Monique embarked on her journey before the marriage equality survey came to light. When she began solidifying her dream, her team were focussed on the fact that Australian same-sex couples were getting married without government recognition.

“It just so happened that after we began, a vote was announced, taken and now we have equality in our country,” Monique said. “Ever After is nothing short of perfect timing for a community who have waited so very long for equality.”

But, what makes a same-sex wedding expo different to straight wedding expo? Well, according to Monique, it is “same same, but different”.

“Our exhibitors are all supportive of marriage equality and are all excited to be a part of each and every wedding,” Monique said.

“There will be a twist in exhibits for sure, I expect a few rainbows and some glitter in addition to more traditional and classic items.”

And, as expected, visitors will enter a space where LGBTI discrimination is non-existent, which is ensured by Monique.

“Besides hand picking our exhibitors to ensure their items and attitudes are all in the right place,” explained Monique, “we have had many polls from different community groups to give their input as to our exhibitors.”

But it will also be a space buzzing with smiles knowing that same-sex marriage is now legal.

“Right now, all over Australia, there are dream weddings happening every week, because those dreams have been in so many hearts and minds for so long.”

Sydney will get its first event on Saturday, February 10, at Sydney Technology Park in Eveleigh. Links are at the beginning of this article.