A match made in heaven.

Wine and chocolate – the two things that graciously melt our hearts and feed our guilty pleasures. But little do many know, chocolate and wine are actually even better together. To celebrate World Chocolate Day, we’ve found the perfect pairing of three of Australia’s favourite wines with one of the world’s most loved, renowned and indulgent chocolate brands, Lindt.

Pinot Noir and Excellence Extra Silky White

At first, white chocolate and red wine sounds like an unusual pairing, but, the rich creaminess and dairy flavour of the Excellence Extra Silky White chocolate is something truly stunning. On top of that, the caramel notes pairs fantastically with the berry flavours in a light to medium-bodied Pinot Noir. Try the Abbey View Margaret River Pinot Noir, which has lovely spicy strawberry and cherry characters.

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Rosé and Lindor Strawberries & Cream

The delectable Strawberries & Cream Lindor ball has a smooth, strawberry flavoured centre surrounded by a white chocolate shell with delicate pieces of berries. Enjoy it with Gwyn Olsen’s Hunter Valley Rosé, a dry wine with beautiful strawberries and cream flavours. A berry nice combination, in other words!

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Sauvignon Blanc and Lindor Mango & Cream

This Lindor ball contains indulgent white chocolate with a smooth, melting mango and cream centre. The tropical and fruit-forward flavours of a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc like Hawkesbridge not only complement the exotic flavours of the Mango & Cream Lindor ball, but the high acid in the wine will cut through the rich milk chocolate.

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