Forget Sonny and Cher, Batman and Robin, Bonnie and Clyde, and even butter and Vegemite, because there’s a new iconic duo for you to love. 

Tea and wine. And yes, at the same time.

In a world where the answer to “how have you been?” is only “flat out“, “so busy” or “non-stop“, unsubtly delivered through a sigh and sunken eyes, has there ever been a time where we needed Tea & Wine, a wonderful new brand and initiative to enrich your ‘me time’ through two of our favourite things.

Wine and tea are two of the world’s most ancient beverages, each providing a sense of comfort after a long day, week, month or even a year (da da da). But in all seriousness, when we think of unwinding we think about sitting on the lounge, remote in one hand and either a glass of wine or cup of tea in the other. But what was stopping the two of simplest pleasures coming together?

Because no one knew how. Until now.

It may have taken four gruelling (yet flavoursome) years to create the perfect combination, but Tea & Wine, with the help of the team at The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar in Sydney discovered the recipe. It definitely wasn’t drying grapes on tea leaves that solved the dilemma, it wasn’t pouring tea into wine….and it wasn’t tea-smoked casks. It was something else, something secret, and something we’ll never know, but will be incredibly grateful for.

In two weeks time, there will be two new releases of tea-infused wine released into the Australian wild: the Unoaked Chardonnay infused with organic Eqyptian Chamomile blossoms (our personal favourite) and the Cabernet Sauvignon infused with organic Sri-Lanken Chai. Both are extremely pleasurable, soft on the palate with an intriguing taste left lingering on the tongue. The Unoaked Chardonnay is fruity, yet subtle, with small bursts of camomile blossoming after each sip. It’s very easy to drink and transports you to a summer soiree, perfect to unwind and relax with. Its colour is a watercolour mix of yellow and green, enhanced by the fragrant palate of golden apple and citrus. The Cabernet Sauvignon is essentially a warm hug, it hits you in the right places, sparking interest when tickled with notes of spicy chai. Its deep brooding colour of purple hues reflect the velvetiness of the smooth and rich palate, balanced by hints of ginger, cardamom, star anise and vanilla.

The clever concoctions are available for purchase in 36 select Dan Murphy’s stores around the country, with the hopes of an online distribution channel soon. Better yet, each bottle will only cost you $22. A complete steal in our eyes for quality, flavour and sheer perseverance in turning the idea into a reality.

But the real winners are Sydneysiders, who have the opportunity to taste the drops as part of Ovolo Hotel’s – Alibi Kitchen & Bar’s ‘Wine Socie-Tea’. The stunning vegan sweet and savoury ‘high tea’ series is lovingly curated and paired with the two wines every Saturday and Sunday from 12pm – 4pm from the 7th of September to the 29th of September. Standouts include the lychee, coconut and cashew cream delight- a small Christmas tree-like treat filled with guava and native mint compote. And for the savoury snack, our favourite is the whipped macadamia mini garden, a thin and delicate rectangle pastry cup generously filled with macadamia butter and topped with edible soil, fresh and pickled baby veg and mixed baby herbs.

Alibi Kitchen Wine Socie-Tea'. Photographed by Sally O'Neil Photography. Image supplied.

Alibi Kitchen Wine Socie-Tea’. Photographed by Sally O’Neil Photography. Image supplied.

If you’re a lover of tea, a lover of wine, or a lover of the new, you simply can’t miss Tea & Wine’s new release.

For more information visit Alibi Kitchen & Bar.