Move over wine snobs, choosing glassware isn’t an extreme sport anymore.

The Australian-owned and operated glassware company, Plumm, has just launched a new range of glassware that aims to make wine tasting easier and more efficient. Please welcome Plumm Three.

Plumm Three range. Image: James Morgan

Plumm Three range. Image: James Morgan

Plumm Three is the result of a close collaboration with some of the most renowned sommeliers in Australia. With their expertise and knowledge of wine, Plumm Three, otherwise known as ‘The Sommelier Series’, was born – adapting to a new generation of wine drinkers and making dining experiences easy to emulate at home.

Prior to the Plumm Three release, their coveted Vintage range, otherwise known as the ‘Winemaker Series’ has been a success for those who prefer a classic interpretation of wine. But, with the ever-evolving dining experience, new generational wine styles and consumer palates changing, a demand for a minimalistic, functional and beautiful new range has been created.

Rupert Steenberg holding the Vintage range. Image: Supplied

Rupert Steenberg, National Brand Manager for Joval Wine Group, holding the Vintage range. Image: Supplied

“With the Plumm Three range, you can either have one glass that fits all or you can have a set of three, the choice is yours. Both will take your wine experience to a new level. From novice to the expert, they work,” says Matt Dunne, leading sommelier and wine judge.

Designed in Melbourne and made in Europe (from the finest European crystal, mind you), Plumm values simplicity, elegance and quality, and is the only glassware company owned and operated by a wine company – Joval Wine Group.

“We know wine and are uniquely positioned to be making wine glasses as we are in the business of it,” says John Valmorbida, Plumm and Joval Wine Group founder.

Available from mid-October, the Plumm Three range consists of three unique designs, featuring ultra-thin European crystal in a pull-stem method – all designed to enhance and amplify the wine experience.

Plumm Three No. 1 – A universal glass for all red and white styles with a focus on full-bodied reds.

Plumm Three No. 2 – A glass for white’s that are fresh, crisp and sparkling.

Plumm Three No. 3 – A pinot noir/chardonnay Glass for lighter reds and textural whites.

The three glasses are perfect for an array of wine-drinkers, from entertainers to those new to the wine journey, right through to wine experts. The range takes a playful approach with glassware, encouraging drinkers to trial different styles in each glass for a new and different wine experience.

The Plumm Three range enhances the wine tasting experience, by affording perfect swirling, nosing and tasting. This is easily noted when tested with alternative glasses. It’s a huge step from the classic white wine, red wine and champagne flute range that has become a staple around the world. We’ve already noted the aversions from sommeliers over the champagne flute, and with the confusing array of glassware shapes, it’s a relief to see a glassware range that keeps it simple while still aiming for elegance.

For more information and to purchase, visit Plumm.