Big Drop Brewing Co. are going from strength to strength, dominating the Australian craft beer market with their alcohol-free beer range.

Since their inception, Big Drop Brewing Cohas not only grown into a household name for craft beer lovers, but, in under five years, they have also won 27 major international beer awards. And, to add to their lengthy list of successes, Big Drop Brewing Co. has also announced the launch of their alcohol-free craft beer range in Australia.

First founded by CEO Rob Fink and later joined by co-founder James Kindred, the idea of Big Drop Brewing Co. came about after Rob wanted to create a business that exclusively makes craft beer. Working in business development at a law firm, Fink had to entertain clients but was dumbfounded by the lack of good alcohol-free beer available at bars in London.

When the now internationally recognised brand was first began brewing, few alcohol-free beers were available, and no brands were solely dedicated to the cause. Moreover, the craft beer revolution had largely left alcohol-free beer behind. Working with a renowned experimental brewer, Johnny Clayton (formerly of Wild Beer Co.), Rob and James mastered techniques to brew quality alcohol-free beer without the need to artificially remove the alcohol. From there on, the brand has gone from strength to strength dominating the international craft beer market with their alcohol-free beer.

Although Big Drop beers are alcohol-free, this does not define the product. The priority remains that Big Drop Brewing Co. are craft brewers and they strive to make great tasting beer. However, in order to brew their beer naturally – without artificially extracting alcohol and maintaining its great flavour – Big Drop has flipped the standard rules of brewing upside down. Using less grain and sugar than others, thanks to the main lazy yeast ingredient, Big Drop ensures that because of their unique brewing production procedures, not only are their beers alcohol-free, but their variety of grains allows for a more complex and flavour-full profile and aroma.

In addition to barley, a brewing staple, Big Drop Brewing Co. use more than 20 specialty grains including rye, wheat and oats to create their distinct taste. As well as that, lactose is an additional special ingredient which increases the “mouthfeel” of Big Drop beers and helps avoid the watery texture which is the plight of many alcohol-free beers. Traditional methods of removing alcohol for alcohol-free beers also extract flavour in the process. So, naturally, Big Drop Brewing adopted the ‘brew to strength’ method which allows for a craft beer which is full of flavour whilst retaining its 0.5% ABV.

Not only do Big Drop Brewing provide a beer that is great in taste, low in carbs and alcohol-free, they also go to great lengths to ensure the product is gluten-free, vegan-friendly and environmentally conscious wherever possible. Big Drop Brewing has carefully collaborated with a range of brewing partners to ensure beers are produced specifically in the local market so consumers can have peace of mind knowing the product has not been shipped halfway round the world to get to them. Not only does this decentralised brewing model reduce overall transport emissions, but it also provides customers with a fresher beer.

Not compromising on taste, Big Drop Brewing Co. covers a wide range of products including stout, lager, pale ale, IPA, brown ale, golden ale, winter ale and a sour. This vast range has ensured that Big Drop Brewing provides a product which truly is fit for all beer lovers.

With their specialised brewing process, Big Drop Brewing Co. have gone on to win countless awards across multiple categories at competitions across the world. Most notable recent wins include:

  • Pine Trail Pale Ale: 2020 & 2017 World’s Best Pale Beer (Low Strength)
  • Galactic Milk Stout: 2020 World’s Best Flavoured Beer (Low Strength)
  • WoodCutter Brown Ale: 2019 World’s Best Dark Beer (Low Strength)

Locally brewed in Victoria, both the Big Drop Brewing Co. Pine Trail Pale Ale and Uptown Craft Lager provide something for all beer lovers – especially if you’re looking to cut back on alcohol but not on taste. Unmatched in flavour with low gluten and low carbs, the Pine Trail Pale Ale contains only 14 carbs and 63 calories per 375mL can, while the Uptown Craft Lager contains just 8 carbs and 41 calories per can.

As part of Big Drops Brewing Co.’s launch in Australia, 4-packs of the Pine Trail Pale Ale and Uptown Craft Lager are available to purchase for $16 via the BWS website.

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Feature image: Photographed by Catherine Black. Image supplied.
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