Shake that bottle and make it pop.

Last Friday, on the 18th of October, the world was blessed with one of, if not, the most important days of the year – International Champagne Day.

A day that can only be described as perfect thanks to the ultimate pairing of pay-day and the final day of the working week. If you spent your entire pay on Champagne, you weren’t alone.

To commemorate this miraculous day our friends at Cellarmasters shared some fizzy juicy goss on the Australian suburb with the highest thirst for the good stuff. We’re talking Australia’s top residential spot where Champagne is on the menu for breakfast, lunch and tea, (at least that’s how we’d do it). So without further ado, let us reveal how the Champagne-craving folk have ordered over the past 12 months.

After holding the prestigious top spot for the past two years, Mosman (or as the locals like to call it “Moz-man”) has downgraded. It seems your clean tree-lined streets, water views and Mosman mansions just aren’t worth celebrating anymore. This year, up north in the ever-so-bright state of Queensland, the Sunshine Coast postcode of 4556, which includes Buderim, Kunda Park, Tanawha and Sippy Downs (very fitting) topped the ladder.

Based off wine retailer Cellarmasters’ new sales data, the numbers certainly do not lie.

Cellarmasters Cellar Director, Christine Ricketts says, “Sunshine Coast is one of the most beautiful places in Australia, and its residents like to appreciate and celebrate their stunning setting with Champagne – and who can blame them?”

“Sunshine Coast is a holiday destination, and Champagne has a celebratory feel. Combine that with our chef-hatted restaurants and bars with ocean views, and suddenly it makes perfect sense that this is the best place in Australia to enjoy a glass of French bubbles,” she added.

To no surprise, Cellarmasters’ sales data has also proved that Champagne sales sky-rocket between October to January – coinciding with the racing season, summer holidays, Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Top 5 Australian suburbs that ordered the most Champagne in 2019:

1. Sunshine Coast, QLD (4556)
2. Brighton, VIC (3186)
3. St Ives, NSW (2110)
4. Castle Hill, NSW (2125)
5. Mosman, NSW (2088)

Top 5 Australian suburbs that ordered the most Champagne in 2018:

1. Mosman, NSW (2088)
2. Sunshine Coast, QLD (4556)
3. Sydney, NSW (2000)
4. Blakehurst, NSW (2221)
5. Castle Hill, NSW (2125)

Feature image: Photographed by G-Stock Studio. Image via Shutterstock