Thanks to Jimmy Brings, at home drinks aren’t just for isolation…

As our lives have moved home and we’ve become reacquainted with our sofas, it seems like almost everything has moved home with us: we can watch award-winning movies in our living room, eat chef-made meals in our kitchen and join gym classes from our garden.

But some of us are still relying on the age-old bottle-o to keep our home bars stocked up… and if you haven’t stashed up well enough (and let’s be real, none of us usually has), it only takes an impromptu virtual drinks, or the arrival of an old pal to the door to leave us stuck for a sip. 

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That’s where Jimmy Brings comes in – the life-saving Aussie business who will bring a cold one to your door within 30 minutes. From wines to beers, spirits to snacks, you’ll never be out of luck again. We’ll cheers to that!

With the delivery available across Australia, there’s no need to stress about being the host again. What’s even better, it’s not just cases and cold ones you can rely on, but Jimmy Brings offers a wide range of pre-organised packs to give you the exact supplies for the occasion, without all the debates. 

Hot date night in? Check out their Couch Cuddle Pack, popping over with a smooth bottle of red and Toblerone chocolate to share. 

Celebrating with the girls? Try the Spritz Blitz or Lazy Sangria bundles that will keep you stocked up for an evening on the Med (in your dreams at least).

Or if the return of sport is all you can think of, don’t stress about the catering but order a Nuts About Beer pack of Coronas and snacks to keep you company for the game. 

And that’s not even to mention the wide selection of wine and beer options to suit every taste. So next time you’re running low, do not fear! Jimmy Brings will be around to deliver the goods! You can order your drinks now, or whenever you’re ready, right on their website.


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