Australia, bring on the booze with these alcohol home delivery services!

With the whole country in some sort of isolation situation, it seems alcohol has become a top priority. Whether you’re social-distancing, or simply after the convenience, online bottle shops are here to save the day, with alcohol services delivering across the country. So, we’ve decided to help with your boozy endeavours and share the best wine, beer and spirits home delivery services that Australia has to offer. We’ll cheers to that!

Without further ado, let’s get started!


Australia. Photographed by Marcio Jose Bastos Silva. Image via Shutterstock

Australia. Photographed by Marcio Jose Bastos Silva. Image via Shutterstock

Cocktail Porter

From cocktail kits to pre-bottled concoctions, Cocktail Porter is every cocktail lover’s favourite home delivery service. And if you’ve got a friend or family member who’s got a birthday right now, send them a gift box for the best present ever! If you live in the Sydney area, you can opt for pickup from their Alexandria warehouse, but these guys deliver Australia wide.

Craft Cartel

Step off the beaten track of alcohol and find some crafty creations in the form of beer, wine or spirits with Craft Cartel. Their ultimate love is craft beer, featuring their own craft beer club that you can join today. Get your “quarantinnies” delivered straight to your door in nearly any location around Australia.

Dan Murphy’s

If you’re like us and love all types of alcohol, then Dan Murphy’s is your man! They’ve got a stretching collection of all sorts of alcohol, from sprawling wine varieties to specific spirits and even plenty of brewed beer. They deliver throughout Australia, with same-day delivery for metro areas (except for Northern Territory).

Just Wines

When you JUST want wines, we recommend Just Wines. Because that’s all they sell. And best of all, you’ll be helping to support Australia’s vibrant wine industry. Stack your cart with a bespoke collection of your choosing or have a whizz through their various mixed cases. They deliver throughout Australia.


Actually, wine aficionados in Australia are spoiled for choice when it comes to alcohol delivery services. With Cellarmasters, it’s all about keeping well-stocked for every occasion. Even if it’s not a special one. Finished your third jigsaw puzzle in isolation? Have a wine! These guys also deliver Australia wide.

Virgin Wines 

Need a lifeline to Australia’s – and the world’s – most unique wine? Look no further than Virgin Wines! It’s all about boutique and beautiful, showcasing spectacular and rare flavours for the sophisticated sommelier. In fact, all their wines are rare or exclusive to Virgin Wines, and they deliver to nearly anywhere in Australia.

The Wine Collective

The Wine Collective was born from a merger between Australia’s oldest wine club (The Wine Society) and Online Liquor Group, so you know they’re sticklers for great wine. They prefer to source wine from small-medium sized businesses in Australia and across the globe. And best of all, they too deliver throughout Australia.

Booze Bud

Booze Bud is a uniquely Australian alcohol delivery store, boldly portraying themselves as a fair dinkum choice. Whether you seek the bravest Australian beers, the starkest of spirits or some tangy wine, Booze Bud will satisfy. They even offer a range of gift packs that are perfect for those difficult-to-buy-for friends. And they deliver Australia wide.

Jimmy Brings

When the drinks run dry, or when you forget them altogether, Jimmy will save the party! Whether it’s a bundle of wine, a fresh slab of beer or classic spirits, he is your man. Jimmy Brings is designed for quick delivery in most metropolitan areas along the east coast of Australia, as well as Adelaide and Perth.


Just like our good friend Jimmy, Tipple shares the same idea: alcohol delivered fast. Or as they like to put it, “A bottle shop in your pocket.” Their resemblance of a bottle shop goes so far in that they even sell cigarettes (not that we advocate such habits). Tipple delivers to homes in Sydney and Melbourne, with Perth coming along soon.


Australia close up. Photographed by zimmytws. Image via Shutterstock

Australia close up. Photographed by zimmytws. Image via Shutterstock

Sydney: Boozi

There’s no denying that we love Boozi and soon you will too! They deliver within a 15 kilometre radius of Sydney’s CBD, with home delivery options including pronto, same day and anytime. They sell a large range of beer, wines and spirits, including mixers and garnishes for the cocktail enthusiasts!

Melbourne: Nicks Wine Merchants

Nicks Wine Merchants is an actual store in Melbourne, but they’ve closed doors thanks to the current pandemic. Thankfully they still deliver! Sift your way through the finest wines and spirits the world has to offer. And if you need a fancy glass for your elegant whisky, they can help you with that too!

Hobart: The Tah

Hobart locals will recognise this much-loved nickname of The Waratah Hotel. But with COVID-19 closures, The Tah’s have opted for other measures to stay alive. So they’ve opened up a quaint home delivery bottle shop to keep Hobart well lubricated. Support the business for the future by purchasing from their selection.

Adelaide: Booze Brothers

When you want good music, go for The Blues Brothers. But when you need a nice drink or three, the Booze Brothers have you covered! Their stores are still open, but they also offer delivery options around South Australia and the eastern states. Here you can source the best wines and spirits of Adelaide!

Perth: Liberty Liquors

Liberty Liquors loves fine tipples without the snobbiness. It’s true blue delivery for those who aren’t so picky with their tastes. They deliver within the Perth region, from their various bottle shops that scatter the area. Whether it’s wine, spirits or beers, or even a spot of bubbly, Liberty Liquors delivers!

Darwin: Darwin Liquor Delivery

Got a boozy night planned this evening but not bothered to visit the local bottle shop? Darwin Liquor Delivery is your best bet. Simply give them a call on (08) 8984 3622 and tell them what you want. They’ve got a large supply of beer, wine and spirits, and you can ask for any specials over the phone.

Brisbane: Knock Knock Booze There

Got a small gathering to entertain (or even just yourself)? Well, Knock Knock Booze There can help with your food and drinks! From any type of alcohol to hearty burgers and chips, these guys know how to cater. And they deliver to your home within the hour (NB: this can take longer during peak times). Missing the pub? Reminisce over their bowl of wedges with sweet chilli and sour cream!


Photographed by Will Stewart. Sourced via Unsplash

Photographed by Will Stewart. Sourced via Unsplash

On top of that, we’ve found a few alcohol delivery services that deserve a special mention.

Sydney: Wine Aid

With the hospitality industry in strife at the moment thanks to COVID-19, three wine enthusiasts have come together to help support hospitality workers. Welcome Wine Aid, where you can purchase carefully picked mystery wine boxes, with part of the cost going towards struggling workers. That’s $10 from each six-pack and $20 from each 12-pack. Simply order a mystery box directly through partnering restaurants and/or retailers (see Wine Aid Instagram page) via phone or email.

A six-pack of wine is retailing for $150 and a 12-pack of wine is retailing for $295. The wine list changes weekly.

Sydney: SoCal’s Bottomless Rosé Zoom Parties

SoCal’s Bottomless Rosé lunches, listed as one of the best Br(L)unches Sydney by us, is now available virtually so you can pink up your Zoom parties. All you have to do is request an iso-party kit via the SoCal website and start planning. The kit includes a party checklist, recipe ideas, rosé recommendations to buy from your local bottle-o, party ideas and Zoom set-up instructions. Virtual brunching has never sounded so good!

Australia wide: Campari Australia’s Shaken Not Broken

Campari Australia’s Shaken Not Broken initiative allows restaurants, bars and pubs who are affected by the lockdown to deliver cocktails to their locals. Negronis, Old Fashioneds or even Boulevardiers can now be ordered from the comfort of your home via a partnership with online ordering platform HungryHungry. Cocktails will be served in glass bottles for easy transportation, with personalised swing tags straight from your favourite bar – all of course made with love. You can order here for virtual cheers with a mate, or even ship to friends or family as a birthday surprise. Check out their 112 (and growing) participating venues here, where you can order online as well!

Wine jargon got you squeezed? We’ve got the ultimate wine glossary to help you with your next sip. Plus, if you’d like to keep on track with the newest drops, you can do so here.

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