The wait is finally over. Japanese drink-maker Kirin is bringing the highly anticipated Kirin Hyoketsu to Australia.

Renowned as one of the most popular pre-mixed drink brands in Japan, Kirin Hyoketsu has become a beloved staple of many at late-night karaoke sessions and house parties in Japan since its launch in 2001.

Yet, for decades, this delicious pre-mixed canned cocktail was only available in the Land of the Rising Sun. However, as Australians have become enamoured with Japanese culture and cuisine, Kirin has seen an opportunity.

Starting from Monday 21 August 2023, Aussies will be the first outside of Japan to say ‘Hello, Yes!’ to their signature Kirin Hyoketsu Lemon – a refreshing blend of vodka, soda and frozen natural lemon juice that reflects the best of the energetic streets of Tokyo.

Unlike other pre-mixed drinks, you won’t be feeling any guilt as you guzzle down Kirin Hyoketusu Lemon. With a balanced 6% ABV, 0.3grams of sugar, and only 116 calories, Kirin Hyoketsu offers a refreshing and zesty flavour without the same calories you’ve come to expect from other canned pre-mixed drinks.

What makes Kirin Hyoketsu special is the unique production method: the innovative Hyoten Toketsu method involves freezing the lemon juice to deliver a perfect blend of sweet and sour lemon notes with a clean, crisp flavour without any lingering aftertaste.

So, if you are looking for a refreshing and low-calorie drink that captures the essence of Tokyo, you might want to try Kirin Hyoketsu Lemon that is available at select Australian bottle stores from today (Monday 21 August 2023) at $21.99 for four and $47.99 for 10.

For more information, follow Kirin Hyoketsu on Instagram and Facebook.

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Editor’s Note: Hunter and Bligh was gifted by Kirin Hyoketsu. All reviews are authentic and are in no way influenced by our partnership.