Looking for ready to drink cocktails? Crack open some of the best alcoholic drinks to buy and try in 2023!

Canned cocktails – a genius idea in our opinion. It’s the idea of enjoying some of your favourite cocktail recipes usually served at a bar but now readily pre-mixed and canned for you to enjoy at home.

Far from unsatisfying, drinkers can expect a delectable experience from the very first sip. With everything from margaritas to martinis and even gin & tonics, these canned cocktails are here to impress.

So, if you’re ready to sip into something seriously good, be sure to try Australia’s best pre-mixed canned cocktails that you must try in 2023. Cheers!

<strong>Four Pillars</strong> Rare Dry Gin & Tonic
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Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin & Tonic

Aussie’s are good at a lot of things. But, if you’re looking for one of the best Australian made canned cocktails, Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin & Tonic is a must try in 2023. Saving you the hassle of mixing, this ready-made cocktail features Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin that’s topped with a dedicated and custom-made tonic featuring an overall orange punch. A flavour explosion of citrus, this pre-mixed canned cocktail is perfect for any occasion!

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<strong>High Pour Sally</strong> Passionfruit Martini
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High Pour Sally Passionfruit Martini

No need to stress about trying to master a memorable martini, this Australian made canned cocktail proves that quality and convenience can go hand-in-hand. Created by High Pour Sally, the Passionfruit Martini includes fruity tart flavours and aromas of passionfruit mixed with subtle honey notes. A delicious twist on the traditional martini, the High Pour Sally Passionfruit Martini is neither shaken or stirred, just perfectly blended and ready for your drinking.

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<strong>Jameson Irish Whiskey</strong> Soda, Ginger & Lime
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Jameson Irish Whiskey Soda, Ginger & Lime

If you’re a whisky lover and you haven’t tried this canned cocktail, then you’re in for an absolute treat. We’ve all heard of Jameson and apple juice, but the Jameson Irish Whiskey Soda, Ginger & Lime is by far one of the best ready to drink cocktails to buy and try in 2023. Just as refreshing as it is satisfying, this canned cocktail features a zesty lime that balances out Jameson’s iconic triple distilled whiskey. Made with all natural flavours, simply chill, pull together some mates and enjoy this delicious canned alcoholic drink.

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<strong>Jose Cuervo</strong> Sparkling Margarita
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Jose Cuervo Sparkling Margarita

You’ve got pre-mixed drinks, and then you’ve got Jose Cuervo’s Sparkling Margarita. Yes, it’s a margarita cocktail in a can! Need we say anymore? Made in Mexico, the Sparkling Margarita was expertly mixed using authentic Jose Cuervo flavours. Think zesty natural lime, triple sec, a sparkling twist and, of course, the tequila that started it all. Using traditional measures that’s been paired with a delicious modern take, this pre-mixed margarita cocktail in a can is a must try in 2023. Thank us later!

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<strong>La Plancheliere</strong> Pink Gin and Soda
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La Plancheliere Pink Gin and Soda

Famed for their craft pink gin, now the French brand La Plancheliere offers a top-rated canned drink, the Pink Gin and Soda. Made using their classic and world-renowned pink gin, this canned cocktail features an elegant soda mix making it the perfect concoction for you to just crack open and pour over ice. With notes of juniper berries, zest and strawberry, we recommend you enjoy this canned cocktail with a simple garnish of fresh raspberries and good company!

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<strong>Mr Black</strong> Espresso Martini
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Mr Black Espresso Martini

Sometimes you need a pick-me-up, and sometimes you need an Australian made canned cocktail that will do the job. Thankfully, Mr Black’s Espresso Martini is one of the best alcoholic drinks in a can to buy and drink in 2023. Hitting the market in 2021, unlike other canned cocktails, this pre-mixed drink features top-grade ingredients like arabica coffee, vodka and, of course, Mr Black. Simply chill, shake, open slowly and then pour. Dress it in a cocktail glass or drink it straight from the can!

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<strong>Pals</strong> Gin Lemon and Cucumber
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Pals Gin Lemon and Cucumber

Although we wish we could claim this as one of our own, our friends over in New Zealand are the masterminds behind the hottest canned cocktail brand to hit the market, Pals. Made from all natural flavours and real fruit extracts, this low calorie, low sugar, low carb, gluten free and vegan friendly pre-mixed drink is like the best friend you never knew you needed. Deliciously irresistible and smooth, after one sip you’ll realise why they took home the Gold Award at The Pre-Mixed and RTD Masters back in 2021. A must try in 2023!

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<strong>Pals</strong> Vodka Mango and Pineapple
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Pals Vodka Mango and Pineapple

They’re so good, we just had to include them twice! If you’re looking for a canned vodka drink, Pals’ Vodka Mango and Pineapple is a must try. Created by New Zealand brand, this ready to drink cocktail certainly packs a punch. Never compromising on taste, inside you’ll find quality tropical fruit flavours with a clean quality spirit promising to be the ultimate delicious and guilt-free drink. Plus, did we mention that it is low in natural sugar that is sourced from Hawke’s Bay apples? And, for more a feel-good moment, all of their alcoholic drinks are packaged in an easily recyclable can!

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