Australia’s 5 Best Pre-Mixed Bottled and Canned Cocktails To Try In 2021

Cocktail cheers. Photographed by Dasha Petrenko. Image via Shutterstock

Australia, get ready to drink with these bottled and canned cocktail premixes!

The time has finally come – us Aussies can finally celebrate something worth living for, and that’s delicious pre-mixed cocktails.

Long gone are the days where alcoholic premixes were filled with an unsatisfying flavour. Instead, Australia’s premix scene has made a delectable change – a change so good, that you might be confused as to how something so delicious could come from a can or glass bottle.

So, if you’re ready to sip into something seriously good without heading to a bar, get ready to pop open one of Australia’s five best pre-mixed bottled or canned cocktails that you must try in 2021!

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<strong>Curatif </strong>Archie Rose Espresso Martini
Image via Boozebud website.

Curatif Archie Rose Espresso Martini

Stop everything! If your homemade espresso martinis are just not cutting it, save yourself some time by sinking into Curatif’s Archie Rose Espresso Martini. Winning the silver medal in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2020, this tipple features the iconic taste of Australian-made Archie Rose Distilling Co Vodka with an indulgent coffee blend. When it comes to canned cocktails, the team at Curatif certainly know a thing or two. It’s creamy, it’s balanced, and it will be your next afternoon delight. Grab a can, chill, shake and pour!

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<strong>Johnnie Walker </strong>Highball Blood Orange & Soda
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Johnnie Walker Highball Blood Orange & Soda

When you think of pre-mixed cocktails, you think of vodka- and gin-based creations. Now, thanks to Johnnie Walker, you can enjoy a highball without getting on your high horse. Mixed to perfection using the famed Johnnie Walker Black Label, this bottled pre-mix sees a refreshing blend of natural citrus flavours thanks to the blood orange and the crisp soda. Sweet and smoky; whether you’re entertaining friends or just soaking into the couch, the Johnnie Walker Highball Blood Orange & Soda is the perfect addition to your bar fridge.

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<strong>The Dirty Bucha of Byron </strong>Gin & Lemon Myrtle Kombucha
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The Dirty Bucha of Byron Gin & Lemon Myrtle Kombucha

Get ready to meet your newfound favourite – The Dirty Bucha of Byron Gin & Lemon Myrtle Kombucha. If you’re in search of an ice-cold drink that makes you feel good with each sip, then this is the Australian-made drink for you! Partnering with Brookie’s Gin from Cape Byron Distillery, The Dirty Bucha of Byron has masterfully coupled two of Australia’s favourites in one easy glass bottle. The result? A refreshingly aromatic unique sip – with less sugar too!

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<strong>Koyomi </strong>Shochu Blended Yuzu & Lime Highball
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Koyomi Shochu Blended Yuzu & Lime Highball

Highball in a can? Ready to drink when you’re on the go? Revolutionary! Made with Japanese shōchū, Koyomi designed this canned concoction to feature an elegant blend of yuzu and lime to create the ultimate highball. Easily compressed in a can, we recommend pouring your Koyomi Shochu Blended Yuzu & Lime Highball in a glass topped with ice. Then just garnish your cocktail with a lime wedge and some mint. Enjoy!

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<strong>El Sueño </strong>Margarita Seltzer Can
Image via Liquorland website.

El Sueño Margarita Seltzer Can

Forget heading to your local bar for a late-night drink, El Sueño has got you covered at home with their Margarita Seltzer. Made with El Sueño Tequila Silver, this canned, ready-to-drink margarita seltzer will have you thinking that you’re sitting poolside thanks to its fresh smell of citrus and amazing notes of lime and agave on the palate. A classic for a good reason, the El Sueño Margarita Seltzer Can is also gluten-free and only has 84 calories per serving. Score!

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Looking for other pre-mixed cocktails? Why not try Brookie’s newest refreshing pre-bottled Gin & Tonic? Or, if you’d like to try your luck at some cocktail making, you can find a full list of our favourite drink recipes here. May we tempt you with this Sailor Jerry Whipped Cream Birthday Cake Cocktail Recipe?

Feature Image by Dasha Petrenko. Image via Shutterstock.
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