So you’re 10 days into FebFast and you’re already feeling it, aren’t you?

For many Australians, February is the month to focus on health; tamer nights out, fewer hangovers, healthier eating habits and overall, a better lifestyle. And to get there, we’re giving up alcohol, refined sugar and occasionally meat. But if going without some of life’s most fabulous pleasures sounds a little too difficult to do, you can take comfort in Melbourne bars and restaurants doing their part to serve sensational sips without the booze.

Tipico’s Lemon and Ginger Spritz

Lemon and ginger – one of the best combinations known to man. Windsor’s Italian favourite Tipico invites guests to beat the heat with its Lemon and Ginger Spritz. Slightly sweet and slightly sour, this refreshing mocktail is available throughout the month — perfect for those who have banned booze for FebFast.

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242 High St, Windsor February 12 Image supplied

Estelle's House-made Cream Soda and More!

Feb-fasters will be spoilt for choice at Northcote’s Estelle this month, with a selection of mocktails available throughout February. Guests can choose from Estelle’s House-made Cream Soda (vanilla, orange bitters, soda), Piña Colada (coconut, pineapple and lime), Passionfruit Sunset (passionfruit, orange juice, grenadine), or the Garden Delight (Seedlip Garden 108, Strangelove Tonic No8, Rosemary) to keep the cocktail cravings at bay.

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243-245 High St, Northcote February 10 - $12 Image by Simon Shiff

Matilda's Faux Champas and Lychee Fizz

We get excited when we hear a pop and a fizz, thankfully you can hear them both this February. Overlooking the picturesque Botanic Gardens, Matilda has three mocktails available to enjoy after a lap of the Tan. Patrons can enjoy a glass of bubbly Faux Champagne (elderflower, verjuice, orange bitters and soda), a Bramblesq (Seedlip Spice 94, blackberry syrup, lemon) or a Lychee Fizz (lychee, rose & lime). Guilt-free sipping at its finest!

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159 Domain Rd, South Yarra February 10-$12 Image by Tim Grey

Lupo's Faux Spritz and The Juicer

The kind of spritz you can have for breakfast – without the judgement. Collingwood’s Lupo has two mocktails on offer for guests steering clear of liquor this February. The Faux Spritz, made with lemon verbena, lime and soda, is a non-alcoholic take on the classic summer cocktail. Or, for a more refreshingly fruity drink best to be enjoyed any time of day, The Juicer is the option for you made with mandarin, lemon, lime and grapefruit.

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300 Smith St, Collingwood February 10 Image by Peter Dillon

Pastore's Faux-seccos, Faux-spressos and Faux-gronis

Sign us up. Guests can still enjoy their favourite cocktails without the alcohol at Pastore this February. On offer there will be the Faux-secco made with elderflower, verjuice, orange bitters and soda; the Faux-groni, using dry London spirit, aperitif rosso, and lyre’s Italian orange; and finally the Faux-spresso, a non-alcoholic take on Melbourne’s favourite Espresso Martini, using Lyre’s coffee liqueur, vanilla, and, of course, a shot of espresso. In addition to the three mocktails, guests will also have the option of The Hill’s Virgin Cider — a crisp, non-alcoholic cider made from 100 per cent Australian apples.

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Hotel Chadstone, 1341 Dandenong Rd, Chadstone February 11 - $18 Image by Sharyn Cairns

Bomba Rooftop's Northern Lights

It will have those around you green with envy. Take in the city skyline and the Northern Lights on Melbourne’s Bomba Rooftop. A refreshing blend of fresh apple and cucumber juice, lemongrass, agave, orange blossom water and lime, it’s the perfect drink to keep any cocktail cravings away. The Bomba Rooftop is open every day from 3 pm until late.

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103 Lonsdale St, Melbourne February 10 Image supplied