Take a ride on the wild side!

Every city has its fair share of cool bars – the watering holes that dare to be different. You may find them emblazoned along popular promenades, showcasing all the rich beauty they offer; or you may find them hidden in an alleyway, purposefully tucked away from the general public – lest they become busier.

Hobart, no matter how small it is, has a worthy collection of cool bars every tourist must visit. And if you’re a local, then get out of the house, girl!

Rude Boy

The Caribbeans have landed, offering Hobart one of Tasmania’s best rum collections. Seriously, it’s been voted! Rude Boy has such a great collection of rum that they had to create a separate menu called ‘Rum Journal’, taking you on a world tour of all things rum. As their website states: “Inspired by our founder’s Cuban adventure, Rude Boy is two quarts Cuban passion, one-quart Rastafarian coolness and a generous dash (or two) of rude boy boldness.”

Is the pirate life for you? Perhaps ordering a rum flight will tickle your fancy? Or maybe a cocktail? Their ‘Poor Tony’ features Tanqueray gin, Cocchi Americano rum, blood orange, lemongrass, rhubarb, lemon, anise, whites and soda ($19). Also, don’t forget to peruse their intimate lunch and dinner menu. Arrr… me hearties!

Rude Boy Website – 130 Elizabeth Street, Hobart

Bar Wa Izakaya

Konnichi Wa, Hobart! Ogenkidesuka? You’ll be even better when you visit this lovely bar and restaurant, featuring a grand selection of Japanese whiskies and beers. Bar Wa Izakaya have also got a few cocktails up their sleeve. While they are a Japanese bar, they are also a restaurant, featuring a wide array of Japanese dishes. From gyoza and sashimi, to a dedicated ramen noodle bar, you will surely not go hungry here. Nor will you leave completely sober – unless you’re driving!

If you’re in town on a Sunday afternoon, don’t miss out on their happy hour. From 3-5pm every Sunday, you can get $15 jugs of Sapporo beer, $8 Suntory highballs and $3 serves of chicken karaage.

Bar Wa Izakaya Website – 216-218 Elizabeth Street, Hobart


Hipster comes with so many bad stereotypes, but this bar doesn’t care at all. And we patrons don’t mind either because Preachers makes being a hipster totally cool. This bar is situated in and around a cottage that is heritage listed and serves up some seriously good drinks and food. It even contains a dining menu catering for vegans, vegetarians, coeliacs and good old-fashioned carnivores. Oh, and let’s not forget the bus parked out the back for patrons to sit and tipple in. We told you it was cool.

For those who love a good brew, this place has a seasonal list of tap and bottled beer, while serving up tasting events on a randomly regular basis. To keep track, follow their facebook page below.

Head in on a Wednesday night for bingo on the bus.

Preachers Facebook page5 Knopwood Street, Hobart

Void Bar

Image: Void Bar (Website)

It’s a rarity for a museum to play host to a bar, let alone a bar with an extensive list of cocktails, beers, wines, spirit tasting flights and spirits in general – but that’s Void Bar for you. As part of your entry ticket to the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), you can travel down to the 3rd floor and grab an intoxicating tipple during your walk around.

Or as the website states: “Think velvet, sandstone, and making eyes at the chick with the black nail polish while you slurp your post-modern martini.”

We’ll have it slightly agitated, please.

Void Bar Website – 655 Main Road, Berriedale, Hobart

IXL Long Bar

Nestled inside the confines of The Henry Jones Hotel is the IXL Long Bar, offering either a connoisseur’s dream or a traditionalist’s nightmare. Their beer, wine and spirits list respects the island of Tasmania, while still managing to traverse the world’s most intriguing destinations. But what makes this place extra cool is their dedication to making truly unique cocktails. A particular one that took our fancy was the Poltergeist Gin and Black Truffle Martini ($20). To make it, they macerate “shaved Tasmanian black truffles into Hobart Number 4 gin for a number of weeks. The result is a full savoury truffle palette highlighted by the beautiful botanicals of the already amazing offering from Sullivans Cove Distillery.” We hope you like it dirty.

IXL Bar Website – 25 Hunter Street, Hobart

The Glass House

Featuring a gorgeous 280-degree backdrop of Sullivans Cove, this stunning bar is almost a proper glass house that floats atop the calm waters of the River Derwent. At night The Glass House glows, offering a beacon for the boats that dock and the tipplers of Hobart seeking a new spot. But perhaps what is the most discerning feature of this luscious spot is Miss Fish Fingers. She’s a creation from local artist Michael McWilliams, and her presence plays host to the surrounding bar and dining room.

It’s the kind of place you want to rock up to the bar and say “surprise me with something bittersweet”, and you know they’ll deliver. Perhaps it will be their Antipodean, featuring Oloroso sherry, macadamia, Maidenii vermouth, orange bitters and kunzea.

The Glass House Website – Brooke Street Pier, Franklin Wharf, Hobart

Story Bar

The Federal Group has Hobart brought us this stunning hotel. While The Story Bar is fancy in its own right, featuring a breathtaking view of the River Derwent with amazing interior design, we also could call the whole MACq 01 Hotel fancy. As their website states: “The Story Bar is inspired by the egalitarian nature of Tasmanian society, where class divisions are less obvious. With this in mind, our bar team offer everything from draught beer to the finest wine and spirits in an enigmatic watering hole, adorned with newspaper headlines from decades past. To truly understand Tasmania, one must know its people and how they interact – The Story Bar makes for an iconic backdrop for both locals and visitors alike.”

It’s the perfect spot for a drink and some proper storytelling.

The Story Bar Website / The Story Bar Facebook – 18 Hunter Street, Hobart

Hope and Anchor Tavern

It’s heritage listed and is one of Australia’s oldest taverns, and best of all, Hope and Anchor Tavern features a fully-functioning fireplace. Visit during the mid-afternoon when it’s less busy and feast your eyes on the memorabilia showcased on the walls. You’ll be greeted by stuffed animals, swords and rifles, and a good handful of boat paintings. And as you wade through the years of history, make sure to give your gullet a workout with their selection of fine brews, wines and spirits.


Hope and Anchor Tavern Facebook – 65 Macquarie Street, Hobart