At Hunter and Bligh, it’s always margarita-o’clock.

Spice up your National Margarita Day (Feb 22) with this delicious Tabasco infused margarita recipe from Simon Hopkins at The Lansdowne Hotel!


Old Fashioned style glass
Cocktail shaker


60mL tequila
2 – 3 dashes of Tabasco Original Red Pepper Sauce
Chili salt (or equal parts of rock salt and chili powder)
30mL freshly squeezed lime juice
10mL agave nectar
1 tsp smoked or oven roasted jalapeños


  1. Place chili salt on a small plate.
  2. Rub wedge of lime around rim of glass, then place the rim of glass on plate of chili salt and twirl. Tap the bottom of the glass to remove excess chili salt.
  3. In the cocktail shaker, muddle/crush the jalapeños at the bottom of the shaker.
  4. Add the ice, tequila, lime juice, agave nectar and Tabasco. Add more Tabasco to your preferred taste if desired.
  5. Shake hard.
  6. Strain cocktail mix into the salted glass, top with ice. Garnish with smoked jalapeños.

Recipe created by Simon Hopkins, Bar Manager of The Lansdowne Hotel and part of the TABASCO® Chef Program