Who’s ready for a mouthwatering mix?

Answer: everyone.

Think a little bit spicy, a kick of zest and a splash of salt combined with the smooth and sweet tang of Mango. That’s what Cocktail Hunter said when he/she came back from his/her latest visit to our good friends at Bar Patrón by Rockpool. Having been gone for hours, we figured Cocktail Hunter and the dream-team must’ve been coming up with something pretty special. And boy, were we right.

Let Cocktail Hunter introduce the ‘Man Goes Into a Bar’ cocktail, pun intended. It’s a cocktail of ingredients many would never have thought in their wildest dreams to combine, but the genius team behind the bar at Bar Patrón by Rockpool has done it again, wowing and engaging foodies one cocktail at a time (maybe three or four if we’re honest…)

We imagine this cocktail alongside the pool in Summer or at a lunch, overlooking the harbour or the beach. Fresh salads, maybe some baked salmon and a hearty serving of avocado or guacamole – we’re thinking this cocktail may or may not have been designed to complete all your Summer weekends.


  • 40ml Patrón Silver
  • 20ml Mango puree
  • 20ml lemon juice
  • 20ml Luxardo
  • 2 coriander stems
  • Tahin salt (optional, but we recommend)


Add the coriander stems to a glass and muddle (gently grinding with a ‘muddler’). Add the Patrón Silver, Mango puree, lemon juice and Luxardo to the glass and shake thoroughly.
If you have Tahin salt handy, grab a cocktail/coupette glass, moisten the edge of the glass (with water, lemon juice or Patrón) and coat the rim in Tahin salt. Then take the cocktail mix and fine strain into the cocktail glass. Repeat, repeat and, repeat.